Monday, June 27, 2011

Toddle Along Tuesday

Some iPhone pics from our vacation to Mammoth Lakes, California this past week...

10 Months!!!

My crazy little bug has reached double digit status!!! Eeep!!! These months just keep trucking along towards one year, and I don't think my little heart can take it anymore.  Every day is filled with new things and experiences and as much as I love it all, I kinda want her to slow down with this growing up thing a bit.

Kylie is a super duper active baby. She is always, and I mean always, on the go. I'm constantly chasing her around the house trying to keep her out of trouble. Her favorite things to get into? Dog water bowl and her Grandad's rock collection. Ky is really sneaky when she wants to be too. Usually she is like a little hurricane crawling around. Knees and hands slapping on the ground, high pitched squeals and giggles, and the sounds of books being pulled off shelves are usually a pretty good indicator that Ky is in the area. But I get worried if it's too quiet. That means she is eating dog food or shredding a paper plate to bits.

Ky is a talkative little thing as of late. She babbled and squeals and laughs all the time. Her words so far are mama, dada, hey, and day (daisy, one of our chihuahuas). She has said a lot more words, but not with any consistency yet (like baba, up, no, and she has almost got spongebob down heehee). There a lot of hand movements in her repertoire now too. She will reach up to you with both arms to be picked up, reach out with one hand if she wants something, and will push stuff away that she doesn't want. Perhaps the cutest thing now is that she shakes her head no. We will tell her no, and she will *usually* stop what she is doing, look up at us, and shake her head no. Too cute! This month she has been smacking her lips nonstop and screwing up her face while puffing air out.

Kylie has a total of 5 teeth right now. Can you believe it? She has jumped on the teeth train and hasn't looked back since. There are 3 on the bottom, 2 on the top, with another top tooth just about to break through. She has been pretty good with the whole teething thing, only once in a while are we able to tell that its really bothering her. And usually giving her a teething biscuit or Sophie the giraffe makes her happy as a clam.

Kylie is against pureed food now. She won't eat it unless it's applesauce or oatmeal. Finger foods are met with a huge grin now and her excited sound. Whole grain waffles and bananas are her favorite breakfast, cheerios or goldfish for snacks, and she absolutely loves the graduates raviolis. Gobbles them up like there is no tomorrow! She is only interested in nursing about 2-4 times a day, and usually when she is just waking up or trying to fall asleep. My supply has dropped accordingly but we are managing to keep going. I'm going to make it to a year!!!

The bug is wearing clothes anywhere from 6/9 to 12 months. I'm excited because the clothes for bigger kids are just so darn cute and she starting to fit into some of them.  Her feet are still small, she still wears a size 3 (6 months). She usually will wear clips in her hair all day but only sometimes will she put up with a hair and or hat. 

She loves to share.  She has learned that the dogs will swarm around her when she is snacking and laughs and giggles at them.  Ky always shares her crackers or puffs with them and so the smart chihuahuas will hover around anytime she is getting fed.  Her new thing is to act like she is going to give you a puff and then snatch it away at the last second and eat it herself, while giggling like a maniac.  Too frigging cute. 

Well, I can't go on too much more or I won't have anything left for her 11 month post!!!  Hopefully I'll be able to blog more and keep up with how much Kylie is growing!  All I know is that she is the best thing that has ever happened to me and it amazes me to no end about how perfect she is. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toddle Along Tuesday

Hi, there!  Welcome to My Almost Normal Life.  I'm Brooke, wife to Rex, mama to Kylie, and wrangler of 12 chihuahuas (yes, that's right, there are currently 12 chihuahuas in my house).  My daughter was born in August 2010 and we haven't looked back since.  I'm a manager at a pet store, run an Etsy shop, Charlotte and Louise, where I sell felt headbands and clips that I make in my spare time.  I love small towns, good desserts, and reading.  Thanks for reading!