Friday, October 29, 2010

Catching Up

Sorry, I've been a bad blogger lately.  I have been a little under the weather, and I blame this cold weather we have been having in So Cal.  I know it's not a good excuse, but hey, it works for me! 

So on Tuesday Rex and I took our little Ky Bug to the doctor's.  We hadn't received a card in the mail saying that she had an appointment, but the office left a voicemail saying Kylie had an appointment, so I'm like, "Ok...didn't think she had one until four months but maybe they changed it or something."  Wrong.  They accidently scheduled us for it, but didn't realize that till we had already given them our copay and were waiting for the doctor.  We still had our pedi look at her because she had been pulling on one of her ears and were worried about infection.  Ky had a clean bill of health though, so no infection, yay!!! She currently weighs 10 lbs 3.7 oz and is 23 1/2 inches tall.

At the doctor's...isn't she the most frigging adorable thing you have ever seen?!  I think so.  Her grandma got her the pink hat this week at a local craft fair, it came with a detachable flower clip.

Later that night Rex was working on his bike so Ky decided she would help him :)

Though for the life of me I could not get her to look at the camera!!!  Kylie is so good at that, purposely looking away when you want her to look at you.  Rex is hoping she will be a tomboy and ride dirtbikes with him, though he will have awhile till he finds out.

And then I got in touch with my crafty side (or more likely my cheap side, ha ha).

See those bad ass leg warmers?  I made them. Yup. So proud of myself.  I really wanted to get some warmers for her but could not bring myself to spend $10 on a pair of BabyLegs.  So enter Google, a $2 pair of knee socks from Target, my Hello Kitty sewing machine (yes, I have a Hello Kitty sewing machine and it totally rocks) and wa la! Leg Warmers!!!  I'll do a post soon showing how I made them!!!

And I absolutely adore the onesie Ky is wearing in the photo above.  It was a gift from one of her aunts in Texas! Thanks Steph!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kylie is Famous

Well, not really, but it pretty close in my opinion.  My birth story is being featured on the website The Bump right now!!! I was contacted several weeks ago by one of the website's editors after I had posted my story in one of their forums.  I didn't want to tell y'all until it was a sure thing, and then yesterday when I was putting around my favorite sites I see the link to my birth story on their front page!!!!  So if you guys want to check it out click here and look for Kylie's little mug under the birth stories section about half way down the page!!!  Or click here to go directly to my birth story!

Rex laughed at me cuz I was so excited when I found out!  I even printed out the main page and the story for Kylie's baby book (which I haven't even started yet, yikes!).  But I don't care because I think this is just the bee's knees!!!  Yay!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back in Town

Sorry it's been such a long time y'all!!! Rex, Kylie, and I just got back from a week in Texas!  We went out for Rex's mom's wedding and so Kylie could meet Rex's side of the family.  Our week there was chaotic at best, but we had a wonderful time with Rex's sisters and grandma. 

Kylie and her Aunt Julie

Kylie was spoiled rotten by her Aunts Stephanie and Julie the whole time.  Everytime Stephanie came home she had a new outfit for Ky Bug.  Rex tried to keep us out of any store with baby clothes because together we could do some damage.  We did talk him into buying a cute little Halloween onsie that says "Daddy's Little Monster," cuz come on, it was only $3 at Wally World.  How could you say no? We couldn't.  Julie was great with Kylie because she would take Kylie on walks outside, which are Kylie's favorite thing at the moment.  She can be screaming her head off, but you walk out the door and she immediately stops and just stares at everything, especially trees.

The wedding was super chaotic.  Rex's mom and now husband are definitely not into planning.  Basically she had her dress and they had the church reserved for the wedding.  Oh, and she had ordered the cake.  That was it.  Yeah.  So, during the week Stephanie and I were running around like crazy women trying to get everything done.  I've decided that I should become a wedding planner/coordinator.  Cuz I kicked ass at getting everything done, and I did it all with a 2 month old baby in tow.  Stephanie and I picked out the tuxs the groom and best man wore (which they didn't go to get fitted for till the day before!), did all the shopping for decorations, flowers, and food.  And on the day of, I did all the flowers (bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres) which I think turned out pretty darn good, and even Rex agrees with me on that! I made sure everything got loaded up, got dressed, did my make up, got Kylie ready, then drove Rex's mom, Stephanie, and Kylie to the church, talked to the pastor about the service, decorated real quick, did Rex's grandma's hair and nails, made sure everyone had their appropriate flowers and where they were supposed to be, ran the music for the ceremony, and took all the pictures after the service.  Luckily Kylie slept through the preparation at the church and the service.  Pulling out my hair craziness.  But we got through it and ended up at Whataburger at 9 o'clock at night with Rex's sisters and one of their good friends.  Rex's sisters are going to send us some pics so I'll post them as soon as I get them.

So now we are home and settling back into our normal routine.  I'm just about caught up with the laundry and unpacking.  I never realized how much crap a little baby needed.  And lemme tell you, a 24 hour drive is hard enough with only two adults, but try throwing a baby into it!  The way out went pretty smoothly except when Rex met the sheriff of Crockett County, but the way home we were not so lucky.  We got caught in tons of traffic in San Antonio, and then in Palm Springs we got caught in a huge storm complete with pouring rain, hail, and flooding.  But we made it back in one piece!!!

Some parting shots of my Ky, she is growing so fast!!!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Whole Months!!!

Kylie is two months old today! Yikes! Where has time gone?  It seems like we just brought her home from the hospital, scared out of our minds about taking care of this little, tiny baby. 

The Stats:

-22 1/2 inches long
-9 pounds 1.9 ounces
-15" head circumference
-still has blue eyes though Rex swears he can see some green in them (but he's been saying that since she was born so we'll see)
-her hair is starting to grow in a light shade of brown or perhaps a dark blonde, the opposite of my roots ha! And it never lays flat, it is always sticking up every which way, it doesn't help that there is a huge cowlick in the back :)
-smiles all the time now, especially if you make a pigeon sound (how they coo)
-follows people, animals, anything moving with her eyes
-copies faces you make at her (sticking tongue out, opening mouth wide, scrunching nose, etc.)
-makes all kinds of sounds now, ee, ooo, oh, goo, ah, i, and it was funny the other day she sounded like she said hello (i know she didn't know she was saying it, but it was too cute!)
-has discovered how to suck on her thumb and currently likes that better than her paci
-also has discovered her feet, so now she kicks all the time.  The only time her little legs are not moving is if she is in a deep sleep or she is eating.
-is stuck in between sizes right now in clothes.  Lots of the newborn stuff still fits her body but is too short for her.  If I try to put a newborn sleeper on her right now, her poor little legs are bent in half :(  But 0-3 is still huge on her body, lots of times you could practically fit two of her in some of the stuff. 
-same thing with diapers, the newborns she was having lots of blow outs, but the size ones are all saggy on her tiny little butt.  I'm slowly starting to build up my cloth diaper stash, but the small fuzzibunz are too big for her thighs.  I won a one size FuzziBunz in a giveaway so maybe I'll try that since it has the adjustable elastic in the legs.  Anyone have recommendations for a cloth diaper for a skinny baby?
-is still not thrilled with tummy time, especially if she is flat on the floor.  She can lift her head up, but is not happy about it.  Sometimes we'll use our Boppy for tummy time and all she does is push herself over it with her legs.
-has much more of a personality now.  She will make all kinds of goofy faces at us now, is starting to laugh, loves to be held, only sleeps in her crib at night not during the day, loves trees, and loves big screen tvs and laying on her changing table to look out the window.  She likes baths, getting her diaper changed, putting on clothes but not taking them off, going for walks outside, and when the chihuahuas growl and bark at each other.
-As you can see by her stats, Kylie has caught up with her weight gain, and Rex and I are so relieved.  The other week Ky had the growth spurt of the century, she gained THREE pounds are grew ONE inch in only ONE week.  Of course, in order to accomplish this she was eating every hour, but it was so worth it!!!

Every day I fall more and more in love with my little Ky Bug.  She wasn't exactly planned, but now I can't imagine life without her. She is the center of our whole world and we wouldn't change a damn thing!