Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kylie is Famous

Well, not really, but it pretty close in my opinion.  My birth story is being featured on the website The Bump right now!!! I was contacted several weeks ago by one of the website's editors after I had posted my story in one of their forums.  I didn't want to tell y'all until it was a sure thing, and then yesterday when I was putting around my favorite sites I see the link to my birth story on their front page!!!!  So if you guys want to check it out click here and look for Kylie's little mug under the birth stories section about half way down the page!!!  Or click here to go directly to my birth story!

Rex laughed at me cuz I was so excited when I found out!  I even printed out the main page and the story for Kylie's baby book (which I haven't even started yet, yikes!).  But I don't care because I think this is just the bee's knees!!!  Yay!!!


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