Friday, May 25, 2012

Oh, Hi There!

Yep, still here.  Barely.  It's been a crazy few weeks over here.  We moved.  Again.  This time into my sister-in-laws house.  Not really what we wanted.  At all.  My in-laws (Rex's mom and step dad) let us know in the beginning of this month that we needed to be out of the trailer by the fifteenth.  So, yeah, that left us with less than two weeks to find a place to live.  We couldn't find a place to rent, most places were way out of our price range because of all the newly found oil fields around us, and others would not allow all six of our dogs.  So Rex's sister and her boyfriend very graciously let us rent a room from them.  It's a bit crowded, but it's only temporary.  A few months at the most, especially since her baby boy is due the end of August, so we will be here until July at the latest. 

I do have to say that it's much nicer living with them.  Stephanie (Rex's sister) is our normal babysitter for Ky when I'm at work at the restaurant so it makes it so convenient. Plus, they have air conditioning that works, wifi, and a kitchen that we are allowed to use.  We had none of those things at my in-laws, which sucked.  Stephanie and I take turns making dinners and doing dishes and Ky is loving the freedom of running around the whole house (the in-law's house was a death trap). 

We are trying to get approved to buy a house, but it's been slow going.  Turns out I have don't have enough credit history to get approved for such a big loan as a home one.  The mortgage broker we are working with said to give it another six months of paying on our truck for my credit to go up and show that I can make payments on a largerish (like my awesome vocabulary?) loan.  So we are looking into a couple different options, to see if there is anyway we can move the process along a little faster.

Gah.  So frustrating. 

a.  Run, Ky, run!  b.  Dirt is a girl's best friend c.  So is SpongeBob