Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Week

Has been one of those "I'm going to have a nervous breakdown, cry, scream, and rip out all of my hair" kind of weeks. I managed to pull through it and find some sort of equilibrium. Thank the Lord for that!

We finally got back our car dim the shop and traded it in for a truck, which I'm absolutely in LOVE with. We loved our car, but it's just not very big and is super expensive to insure (for the car junkies out there it was a Subaru Impreza WRX STI). Plus, with moving to Texas and taking our dirt bikes and stuff with us, and with me wanting some sort of farm animal and wanting to tow things, a truck just made sense. We ended up getting a 2007 Chevy Silverado and it's frigging awesome. One of my favorite things? That the front seats have separate climate controls, so Rex can't freeze me out anymore!

In moving news it looks like Rex and two of our chihuahuas will be moving out to Texas in the middle of August and then Ky, the rest of the dogs, and I will be following in mid-September. We hate to be separated for that long, but it works out much better financially for us, especially since my work hasn't approved my transfer yet. Boo. Though I'm a bit nervous about driving a U-Haul and trailer out there by myself. Hopefully one of my parents can go out there with me to help.

Kylie's birthday is coming up so quickly! I can't believe it's been a year! Although I'm way behind when it comes to her party. Bad mom. Shame on me. I got the invites sent out last week so that's a start, right? This week I need to get cracking and make the decorations and favors.

Ky's new thing is screaming. Like, I'm talking ear piercing, top of her lungs type of screaming. Anytime she is frustrated or mad or just plain not getting enough attention. Anyone have any tips for helping with this? We've tried ignoring her but so far that has just caused her to scream even louder. When she's not screaming she's being an absolute doll. When we were getting our truck she was showing off big time and giving the sales lady high fives (unprompted high fives mind you) and even wanting to be held by her. Darn kid.

So I'm done rambling about my life for now, please excuse any grammar/spelling errors, I'm typing this on my phone on my lunch break at work. I get extra points for dedication, right?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And Then My Life Gets Crazier

Rex and I in Texas May 2010

So if any of you follow me on twitter, you've already heard about my freaking out about this move. If you haven't, well, just keep reading.

We are moving to Texas. Which is about 1500 miles away. And we will be moving with an one year old, seven chihuahuas, a bearded dragon, and possibly four water turtles. And all the crap in our storage unit. My blood pressure is already creeping up as I type this. And we leave August 12, which is less than a month away. Holy jumping junipers batman.

Truth be told, we've wanted to move for awhile. California is just not our cup of tea anymore. The budget cuts, the bs, and the fact that they keep cutting education. We want the best for our little bug and we don't think we can find it here. So a spot opened up in Texas in Rex's company and after a week over agonizing about it, we decided to do it. We have always had my parents as a safety net in many ways out here and we really want to get out on our own and I guess be fully "grown up."  Rex's mom, sisters, grandma, and uncle are out there, but aren't in any position to help us out, at least financially. We decided we need to be the adults that we are and be good with our money. We've gotten a lot better since Ky came around, but we weren't very good about saving up for a house and stuff since we were living rent free with my parents. So it was a hard decision. And we are hoping and praying that it's the right thing to do. Every time we were out visiting relatives in Texas it just felt right. Like we belonged and could raise our children there and be content.

We are moving to a small town (population 900) about 45 minutes east of San Antonio. It's the kind of place I've wanted to live in since I was a kid. First of all it's green. I have lived in the desert my whole life, and while it is beautiful, I have always wanted to be someplace green, where I could plant a huge garden and have flowers growing everywhere. And have lots of room for our kids to play and possibly have horses and cows and chickens.  Secondly, People are friendlier. They wave to you. I live in a smallish town and over the years people have become more and more hostile and rude. Also, there are a lot of job opportunities there for us. Rex, as a diesel mechanic, can get lots of side work by working on trucks and tractors out here. After we get settled in, I'm going back to school to get my degree (in either teaching or nursing, I would really love to be a lactation consultant). Lastly, it's a place we want Kylie and any other children we might have, to grow up in. Where they can run and play and be wild. Where they can be close to nature and appreciate it. Where we can have a community that looks out for one another.

It makes it easier to accept it when I think of those things. What makes it hard is that we are venturing into the unknown. Both Rex and I have lived in this town since we were born.  All of my family is within a six hour drive. All of our friends that we grew up with are here. Our coworkers. The sweet lady that does my hair for $50. Our credit union. Our pediatrician.  Ky's babysitter who is also Rex's best friend.  Everyone.  Though we just found out that our best man from our wedding who is in the Navy and his family are being moved to San Antonio in September.  I think all of us are grateful for having friends less than an hour away.  I'm nervous because I've always been within walking distance of my parents. And as much as they drive me crazy sometimes, I love them with my whole heart, and I really thought I'd never live without them.  Especially when my mom breaks down into tears while telling our neighbors that we are moving.

Kylie helping to pack :)
It's really hitting me now that we are packing our things up and sorting through our storage unit.  Trying to decide what we want to take with us and what we want to sell, giveaway, trash.  I just applied for a transfer at my work yesterday for a store in San Antonio.  Our dogs know something is up because they've been super cuddly and clingy lately.  Kylie has been a bit more cranky since we are pretty preoccupied with all of this moving stuff so she as been able to spend more time with my parents before we move.  Though she does love to play in all the boxes.  Yesterday she spent a half an hour in a box playing with old VHS tapes (those went into the trash pile since we don't own a VCR ha ha).

So thank you for letting me get this all out and if you understood my jumbled thought process about this, I definitely applaud you!  Somehow we'll make it through this, and we will be stronger for it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Charlotte and Louise Giveaway

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Kylie

I thought I would do something a little different for your eleventh month post since this is the last month of babyhood for you.  Pretty soon you are going to venture into the wonderful, crazy world of toddlerhood.

I'm seeing the signs all around me now. Six perfect little white teeth now grace your smile with about four more trying to poke through. Your hair is now long enough for me to make a little fountain ponytail on the top of your head (which, by the way, has no soft spot anymore). 

You drink out of a sippy cup like a pro now, chugging it like a pint of ale before you slam it down on the table with a smack of your rosy lips.  Although V8 Fusions strawberry banana is your drink of choice at the moment. I'm afraid you're like your mama and love your carbs. Bread, tortillas, and waffles are always met with a big grin and stuffing as much into your mouth as possible. You love feeding yourself and usually lose interest quickly if I try to feed you with a spoon.   One of your favorite snacks are Gerber's puffs, partly because you can open the container in two seconds flat with your teeth.  Mama's little can opener.
You  are a explorer and are constantly on the move.  I can only imagine what the world looks like through your eyes.  Crawling and cruising are your modes of transportation right now.  You love opening and shutting doors.  You will crawl around our bedroom and put all of the dog's bowls in their wire crate and shut them in.  You're a little trouble maker now and seem to have a sixth sense of knowing what you're not supposed to be getting into.  And then promptly doing just that. 
Music must flow through your veins.  You will sing along to the radio in the car with your favorites being country and punk.  This past month you've taken to dancing along with any music that is playing. You will bounce and sway and if we are holding you, you will wave your arms up and down.  Today you started dancing in your aunt's arms when a car drove past with their radio blasting. 
You are quite a little talker now.  Some new words you have added to your repertoire lately are hor (horse, we have to work on this one), do (dog), ca (cat), and up.  You also have a huge range of squeals, squeaks, grunts, and other various sounds to get your point across when words just don't cut it. 
Then you do things that just make my heart melt.  You rarely stay still, but there are moments when you turn your face into my neck and wrap your arms around me for a few seconds, and I wish time would stand still for your little baby hugs.  
So next month is coming up quick, and you'll no longer be a baby in technical terms, but you will always be my baby.
Love you bunches Bug,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toddle Along Tuesday: 4th of July Edition

Here are some pics of Kylie enjoying our nice and hot 4th of July with a dip in her kiddie pool.  Check out all of her little teeth too!  She also turned the big 11 months yesterday, only one more month until she turns one! Eeeep! Oh, and Ky absolutely loves this swim suit.  She will see herself in the mirror wearing it and giggles and yells, "Spon Bob!"

Checking out what the dogs are doing.

Here Mama, have an octopus!

Gimme the octopus, Dad!

Getting squirted by the octopus.

And finally a big, fake smile for Mama!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Glass Print by Pamela Joy Artography

I hope y'all have a wonderful Independence Day!  I couldn't be more blessed than to live in such a wonderful country and enjoy all the freedoms that we have.  A big humongous thank you to the men and women of the military, without you, we wouldn't even have this holiday!  God bless!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tweet Tweet

All right, I've been meaning to post this forever and ever and ever, but I always forgot to.  Not today.  I am on Twitter and I'm known as @mrsrexaroo around those parts.  You can follow me here.  And that's it.  A short and sweet post.  Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!!!

Charlotte and Louise

Hi y'all.  Just wanted to share some goodies that are in my Etsy shop right now.  To see them all click here!  I also do custom orders so if you don't see anything you like just convo me on Etsy and I will whip up a headband or clip especially for you!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Last Few Weeks According to My iPhone

Josie, the mama of all the pups

The alligator head that my sis in law brought Rex

Fluffy Laundry


UFO cloud

Cupcakes from Heaven

Ky and I enjoying the outdoors