Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Kylie

I thought I would do something a little different for your eleventh month post since this is the last month of babyhood for you.  Pretty soon you are going to venture into the wonderful, crazy world of toddlerhood.

I'm seeing the signs all around me now. Six perfect little white teeth now grace your smile with about four more trying to poke through. Your hair is now long enough for me to make a little fountain ponytail on the top of your head (which, by the way, has no soft spot anymore). 

You drink out of a sippy cup like a pro now, chugging it like a pint of ale before you slam it down on the table with a smack of your rosy lips.  Although V8 Fusions strawberry banana is your drink of choice at the moment. I'm afraid you're like your mama and love your carbs. Bread, tortillas, and waffles are always met with a big grin and stuffing as much into your mouth as possible. You love feeding yourself and usually lose interest quickly if I try to feed you with a spoon.   One of your favorite snacks are Gerber's puffs, partly because you can open the container in two seconds flat with your teeth.  Mama's little can opener.
You  are a explorer and are constantly on the move.  I can only imagine what the world looks like through your eyes.  Crawling and cruising are your modes of transportation right now.  You love opening and shutting doors.  You will crawl around our bedroom and put all of the dog's bowls in their wire crate and shut them in.  You're a little trouble maker now and seem to have a sixth sense of knowing what you're not supposed to be getting into.  And then promptly doing just that. 
Music must flow through your veins.  You will sing along to the radio in the car with your favorites being country and punk.  This past month you've taken to dancing along with any music that is playing. You will bounce and sway and if we are holding you, you will wave your arms up and down.  Today you started dancing in your aunt's arms when a car drove past with their radio blasting. 
You are quite a little talker now.  Some new words you have added to your repertoire lately are hor (horse, we have to work on this one), do (dog), ca (cat), and up.  You also have a huge range of squeals, squeaks, grunts, and other various sounds to get your point across when words just don't cut it. 
Then you do things that just make my heart melt.  You rarely stay still, but there are moments when you turn your face into my neck and wrap your arms around me for a few seconds, and I wish time would stand still for your little baby hugs.  
So next month is coming up quick, and you'll no longer be a baby in technical terms, but you will always be my baby.
Love you bunches Bug,

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