Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Week

Has been one of those "I'm going to have a nervous breakdown, cry, scream, and rip out all of my hair" kind of weeks. I managed to pull through it and find some sort of equilibrium. Thank the Lord for that!

We finally got back our car dim the shop and traded it in for a truck, which I'm absolutely in LOVE with. We loved our car, but it's just not very big and is super expensive to insure (for the car junkies out there it was a Subaru Impreza WRX STI). Plus, with moving to Texas and taking our dirt bikes and stuff with us, and with me wanting some sort of farm animal and wanting to tow things, a truck just made sense. We ended up getting a 2007 Chevy Silverado and it's frigging awesome. One of my favorite things? That the front seats have separate climate controls, so Rex can't freeze me out anymore!

In moving news it looks like Rex and two of our chihuahuas will be moving out to Texas in the middle of August and then Ky, the rest of the dogs, and I will be following in mid-September. We hate to be separated for that long, but it works out much better financially for us, especially since my work hasn't approved my transfer yet. Boo. Though I'm a bit nervous about driving a U-Haul and trailer out there by myself. Hopefully one of my parents can go out there with me to help.

Kylie's birthday is coming up so quickly! I can't believe it's been a year! Although I'm way behind when it comes to her party. Bad mom. Shame on me. I got the invites sent out last week so that's a start, right? This week I need to get cracking and make the decorations and favors.

Ky's new thing is screaming. Like, I'm talking ear piercing, top of her lungs type of screaming. Anytime she is frustrated or mad or just plain not getting enough attention. Anyone have any tips for helping with this? We've tried ignoring her but so far that has just caused her to scream even louder. When she's not screaming she's being an absolute doll. When we were getting our truck she was showing off big time and giving the sales lady high fives (unprompted high fives mind you) and even wanting to be held by her. Darn kid.

So I'm done rambling about my life for now, please excuse any grammar/spelling errors, I'm typing this on my phone on my lunch break at work. I get extra points for dedication, right?

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