Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Whole Months!!!

Kylie is two months old today! Yikes! Where has time gone?  It seems like we just brought her home from the hospital, scared out of our minds about taking care of this little, tiny baby. 

The Stats:

-22 1/2 inches long
-9 pounds 1.9 ounces
-15" head circumference
-still has blue eyes though Rex swears he can see some green in them (but he's been saying that since she was born so we'll see)
-her hair is starting to grow in a light shade of brown or perhaps a dark blonde, the opposite of my roots ha! And it never lays flat, it is always sticking up every which way, it doesn't help that there is a huge cowlick in the back :)
-smiles all the time now, especially if you make a pigeon sound (how they coo)
-follows people, animals, anything moving with her eyes
-copies faces you make at her (sticking tongue out, opening mouth wide, scrunching nose, etc.)
-makes all kinds of sounds now, ee, ooo, oh, goo, ah, i, and it was funny the other day she sounded like she said hello (i know she didn't know she was saying it, but it was too cute!)
-has discovered how to suck on her thumb and currently likes that better than her paci
-also has discovered her feet, so now she kicks all the time.  The only time her little legs are not moving is if she is in a deep sleep or she is eating.
-is stuck in between sizes right now in clothes.  Lots of the newborn stuff still fits her body but is too short for her.  If I try to put a newborn sleeper on her right now, her poor little legs are bent in half :(  But 0-3 is still huge on her body, lots of times you could practically fit two of her in some of the stuff. 
-same thing with diapers, the newborns she was having lots of blow outs, but the size ones are all saggy on her tiny little butt.  I'm slowly starting to build up my cloth diaper stash, but the small fuzzibunz are too big for her thighs.  I won a one size FuzziBunz in a giveaway so maybe I'll try that since it has the adjustable elastic in the legs.  Anyone have recommendations for a cloth diaper for a skinny baby?
-is still not thrilled with tummy time, especially if she is flat on the floor.  She can lift her head up, but is not happy about it.  Sometimes we'll use our Boppy for tummy time and all she does is push herself over it with her legs.
-has much more of a personality now.  She will make all kinds of goofy faces at us now, is starting to laugh, loves to be held, only sleeps in her crib at night not during the day, loves trees, and loves big screen tvs and laying on her changing table to look out the window.  She likes baths, getting her diaper changed, putting on clothes but not taking them off, going for walks outside, and when the chihuahuas growl and bark at each other.
-As you can see by her stats, Kylie has caught up with her weight gain, and Rex and I are so relieved.  The other week Ky had the growth spurt of the century, she gained THREE pounds are grew ONE inch in only ONE week.  Of course, in order to accomplish this she was eating every hour, but it was so worth it!!!

Every day I fall more and more in love with my little Ky Bug.  She wasn't exactly planned, but now I can't imagine life without her. She is the center of our whole world and we wouldn't change a damn thing!

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