Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three Years Ago Yesterday

Rex and I tied the knot.  So this post is going to have lots and lots of pictures because that was really one of the best days of my life.  Everything went perfectly and Rex and I had a wonderfull time!

This is Rex and his groomsmen after a couple beers at the reception.  We were blessed that his best man was able to make it to the wedding because he is in the Navy and his tour was extended and he got back only 2 days before the wedding!
This is me with two of my good friends and my flower girl after she had changed out of her dress (she is a total tomboy).  We were goofing around after most of the guests had left.  I couldn't find the pictures of it, but we were also line dancing!!!

Our last "dance" with my parents, Rex's mom and sister, and several of our friends to the Rolling Stones' "Paint it Black."

My friend, Marie, and I at the reception with the yummy food.  We had bbq pork and beef, scalloped potatoes, corn on the cob, fruit salad, a keg of Bud Light, Mexican Coke (it has the real sugar in it), and a chocolate cake with strawberry filling.

Rex and I before our first dance.  You can't really see them here, but I had the most awesome zebra print ballet flats!!! And yes, Rex is wearing DVS skate shoes, all the groomsmen did too.  And I absolutely adored my dress!!! My wonderful grandma got it for me!!!

Rex (center) with his best man and his best man's little brother.  I love this picture!!! They all look so happy :)

Our first dance.  We chose Rise Against's "Swing Life Away."  We didn't choose your typical wedding music.  We walked down the aisle to Cat Stevens' "How Can I Tell You," and after we were married to George Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun." And we were introduced at the reception with ACDC's "Thunderstruck" (Rex chose that one!) At our reception we played lots of classic rock and country.  And that's all my own hair in the picture, no extensions at all!  I kind of wish it was still that long, but it was a pain to take care of.

At the reception with our wedding party.  Our wedding was at a little "country club" in our local mountains.  I use the term loosely because basically it's just a little manmade lake, a baseball diamond, a couple tennis courts, and a frisbee golf course.  Since it was already so pretty up there we used very little for decorations.  Mainly we just used white, pink, and red paper lanterns and a couple garlands of roses on the gazebo.  It was beautiful weather, and we looked out big time because the weekend before it had rained there, and then the next weekend it snowed!!! God was really watching out for us!

Me at the reception with my zebra print hoodie.  We really tried to make our wedding enjoyable.  Both Rex and me are super laid back and we wanted to have our guests feel comfortable and relaxed and not have to worry about which fork to use first, etc.  I think we succeeded. 

Later this week I'll update y'all with how Kylie is doing and more drama with my work situation!!!

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