Monday, September 13, 2010

My Weekend

was wonderful!!! Sorry I  haven't posted in a whole week (gasp!), but me and the fam have been busy, busy, busy.  On Friday, Rex, Kylie, our four chihuahuas, and I headed up to my grandma's cabin up in the mountains.  The weather was so nice up there, a whole lot cooler than the desert heat.  Our chihuahuas spent most of their time napping in the sun in front of the sliding glass door.  Rex and I finished watching the second season of True Blood and played a four hour game of Monopoly (it was the first time I have actually finished that darn game).  Each morning we went for a walk around the block with Kylie and the chihuahuas.  On Sunday we went for a walk around the lake, which Kylie thoroughly enjoyed in her Moby and was the center of attention with all of the old ladies around :)  So in short, our weekend was utterly delightful.

Rex taking a nap and Kylie hamming it up!

It is amazing how fast Kylie is growing!!!  She is now starting to make all her little vowel sounds, her favorite is "oohhh," and she loves making faces at Rex.  She loves it when he props her up on his chest and then copies his facial expressions.  She has perfected sticking her tongue out at him, and it is seriously the most adorable thing ever!  Kylie has started this annoying habit during her 4 am feeding (I knew the 8 hour nights wouldn't last).  After she is done feeding and I set her down on the changing table, she starts screeching at the top of her lungs.  That's right, SCREECHING.  Loud enough to wake the whole house and scare the chihuahuas half to death.  And she only does it at that feeding too, but hopefully she grows out of that soon.

I can hear Kylie starting to fuss now so I have to go...but I'm going to try to set up mobile blogging this week so I can start posting more even when I'm out and about.

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