Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm a Baby Wearing Mama

I think one of my favorite baby shower gifts was my Moby Wrap.  It has saved my sanity too many times to count this past month.  Kylie sleeps beautifully during the night, but only takes maybe two to three short naps during the day.  Also, she will not take the naps in her crib or swing, only in Mommy and Daddy's arms.  She will have her happy moments when we do tummy time or she is eating, but the rest of the day she will just fuss and fuss and fuss.  Unfortuneatley, this makes it quite hard for Mommy to get anything done.  In comes the Moby Wrap.  I plop her in that, and she quiets right down and just chills.  It took me a couple of times to get used to using it, but now I'm  hooked.  Kylie already likes to be put in facing out so she can see whats going on around her. 

I have been considering switching to cloth diapering.  I like that although the initial cost is more, the diapers can last until potty training.  Plus, they are much cuter and seem to be better for babies with sensitive skin.  Does anyone cloth diaper?  If so, please share your thoughts on it.  I have gotten a lot of info so far from Sally on her blog Exploits of a Military Mama.  I am still a little unsure of how you use the liners and soakers, so I still have more research to do before I buy any!!!

And speaking of diapers, they don't always hold what they are supposed to hold.  Just ask my hubby.  The other night he was holding Kylie as he was watching TV, and she had a ginormous poop!!! It was one of those explosively loud ones.  Since he is still a chicken about such things, I scooped her up and went to change her diaper.  Well, there was poop everywhere!!!  It filled up the whole diaper, and soaked through her onesie and her pants.  At this point I look over at Rex and ask him if he has anything on his shirt.   He still hasn't quite caught onto where I am taking this, until he looks down and sees poop juice on the front of his shirt!!!  Needless to say, Daddy and Kylie both got baths that night!!!


  1. Baby girl isn't here yet but we plan on using Gdiapers with cloth. But we like the option of having the biodegradable inserts too! Some people love them & some hate them. We are giving them a shot! Good luck!!

  2. Thanks!!! You will have to let me know how the diapers work out once your baby girl is here!!! There are so many choices, it's overwhelming at times.


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