Friday, March 28, 2014

The First Weeks

These past three weeks have been tough. I knew they would be, but it's always one thing to imagine it and another to actually live it. I've had my share of meltdowns and so has Kylie. Rex and I are readjusting to having a newborn again and Kylie is getting used to having a baby brother.

Seth has been great. He is nursing like a champ and he has reached his birthweight and then some. He's sleeping for three hour stretches during the night and we are working on him taking longer naps during the day since right now he is only taking little cat naps here and there. The past couple days he has been a little gassy/fussy during the day, but gripe water and some diet changes on my part are seeming to help. My only real complaint with him is that he is killing my boobs. They are super tender and at times raw even. I'm making sure that he is latching on correctly, but he can be quite vigorous at times. His output is working just fine, as he seems to be one of the babies that feels like its necessary to poop ten times a day.

Kylie has been a little tougher. Not so much in that she is jealous of Seth, but more her schedule has been thrown out out of whack. And she is a girl who lives for her schedule. The first week was super tough, she wasn't napping at all, was waking up in the middle of the night, and was throwing some major tantrums. Just being an all around stinker.  I've been trying really hard to keep her on her normal schedule and she's slowly been improving.

She absolutely adores Seth. She sings him lullabies when he cries, helps me burp him, loves helping with his baths, and is constantly giving him hugs and kisses. She holds him ever night when I read her bedtime stories and is teaching him the Lord's Prayer.

It's been tough too not having Rex around very much. He only had four days off after Seth was born and he works nights so he's sleeping for a good part of the day. Plus, my doctor took 16 days (that's right, SIXTEEN DAYS) to sign my disability paperwork so I haven't received any checks yet which is making things even more stressful for Rex and me.  And the hospital didn't process our insurance correctly and are trying to charge us directly. Not fun.

So we are trying to enjoy Seth's first weeks with us, but the real world is not making it easy for us. Wish us luck!

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