Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dear Kylie

I know I say this every time, but I cannot believe how much you are growing up.  Gone is my little girl who toddled around and babbled in Kylie talk and here is a little girl who runs and jumps and tells me she doesn't like the clothes I picked out for her.  I love watching you grow and learn and laugh (you're the most ticklish under your chin).
Mama doesn't work two jobs anymore, so we have been spending a lot more time together and I'm really getting to know you better.  I haven't realized how much I missed you this past year when I was working anywhere from seventy to eighty hours a week. We sometimes drive each other crazy with just the two of us at home during the week with daddy at work, so we visit Auntie Steph, Brian, and Baby Kaid or we invite Auntie Lou over dinner. 
I love how much you stretch when you wake up in the morning, you have done this since you were a wee, bitty baby.  You are extremely picky about your clothes now (sad face).  You are not afraid to tell me what you think about my outfit choices.  "Mama, I don't like this," is usually what I hear as you race to your room to get new clothes.  Lately your favorite outfit has been a ruffly dress, jeans, and the cowboy boots daddy and me got you for Christmas.  I am finally allowed to do your hair in the mornings now, which is especially helpful now since we are growing your bangs out.
You gag on broccoli, but can stomach green beans and avocado.  You love mandarin oranges, strawberries, and blackberries.  This winter I introduced you to hot chocolate with whip cream and you are totally smitten with it. 
Books are still very dear to you, at bedtime we read no fewer than three, and oftentimes in the afternoon I find you holed up in your room, amidst an ocean of books on the floor, chattering away with yourself as you flip through them.  You'll even get mama's books and flip through the pages, reading away. 
But don't get me wrong, you still love your "TV" time on mama's ipad.  This is what you call Netflix, you silly little girl.  I think you already can use my ipad better than your dad and I combined.  I have to keep it out of your reach or I find you sneaking away with it to play Toca House or watch Wallace and Gromit. 
You are such a smart little thing.  You can count to ten, know your colors and shapes, are getting pretty darn good at coloring, and love to sort stuff.  You absolutely love music. Daddy's heart about burst the first time you sang all the words to the Distiller's "Beat your heart out" in the truck.  Besides punk rock, you will dance to just about anything.  If a good tune comes on your hips start swinging and then you're bouncing around like a crazy person.  The other day at school to get out of taking a nap you sang "Jesus loves me" complete with the signs to Ms. Jenny (by the way, it didn't work, you still had to take a nap).
You are a wonderful little helper.  When we get home from school you help me take out the dogs on their leashes.  You always walk Dakota and Mimi for me.  You'll help with the dishes, but I think most of the water ends up on us and the floor.  You especially love helping me outside with the flowers and garden.  You pull weeds, rake leaves, and help plant flowers.  And you help me decide where to put any new additions.
Lately you are classifying everything into daddy's, mama's and baby's.  Rocks, bikes, cups, everything.  You let me know who is who and which one belongs to who.  Silly goober.
I love you with all of my heart and then some.  I am in awe that God created such a beautiful daughter for your daddy and me.  I thank him everyday for you.
Love, Mama

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