Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm Alive (and so are Rex, Kylie, and our six chihuahuas)

Wordy title, I know, but it is an apt description. I just realized that I haven't done anything here since October. Poor, sad, neglected blog. Insert multiple sad faces here. Needless to say, life has gotten in the way, but mostly with good things so I'm not complaining. Since its late and I'm lazy I'm just going to make a list of stuff that's been going around in our neck of the woods.

Kylie was an owl for Halloween. We got our truck stuck in sand that night too and had to have Rex's brother in law pull us out.

Rex got a Harley and Ky's in love with it. Like gives it kisses every morning love.

I quit my job at the restaurant. I actually get to spend time with my family now.

Kylie pooped on our bedroom wall. Don't ask, you do not want to know.

We cut our own Christmas tree. It only took us two hours and about three miles of hiking around the Christmas tree farm to find the right one.

Rex turned 27. I baked him two cakes because the first one crumbled into a horrible cake blob. The second one turned out perfect because my mom figured out that my oven's thermostat was off.

I have the most adorable, albeit a bit rambunctious, group of one year olds in my class at the day care. I mean, one little boy does the whole up high, down low, too slow high five thing. They kill me.

My mom and dad came out for Christmas and spoiled us rotten with their gifts and company.

We took some big steps towards being debt free!

And goodnight for now...

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