Monday, May 27, 2013

Dear Kylie

I keep willing time to slow down.  Everyday you turn into a bigger and better version of yourself.  I swear that just yesterday I put a little bitty baby down for a nap and today I'm trying to convince an almost three year old to slow down for just a couple seconds to grab a bite to eat.  I keep thinking that each stage you go through is the best, but then each time you grow up some, I find myself loving you even more. 

You are able to occupy yourself more and more.  Your favorite thing to do as of now is take all of your clothes out of your dresser and put them on the coffee table and couches.  You arrange each article of clothing just so and then you keep rearranging them.  Sometimes for even for an hour or so. 

Kylie Bug, you are finally making friends with the dogs, Nova in particular.  She is the only chihuahua allowed to sleep in your room with you and she is graced with kisses and hugs from you.  The other day you even shared your mango popsicle with her while sitting outside on the grass in the hot sun.

A couple weekend ago your daddy bought me a new pair earring and you were immediately smitten with them.  You were so heartbroken that you couldn't wear them and in a few short days you convinced your daddy to let you get your ears pierced so you could have earring like me.  Ky, you were so brave sitting in that tall chair all by yourself in Claire's, holding your pig, Yellow.  You chose a pair of sparkly pink hearts to adorn your little ears.  You held your daddy's hands when the girls pierced your ears, and you were so brave, Bug, only crying for a little bit afterwards.  More from the surprise of it than anything, I think.

At daycare you are known as Little Miss Sassafrass.  And Kylie, you come by that name quite honestly, let me assure you.  You sure are full of life and spunk and energy, and it's very noticeable to the people who spend their days with you.  You're extremely loyal to your friends, on the playground the other day, I dared tell one of your friends to go down the slide the correct way, and you rounded on me to "Leave my Kailyn alone, mama!" 

You choose kids that are just as spirited and wild as you to be your friends.  At daycare it is Kailyn, the rough and tumble little girl with four older brothers, and Riley a sweet but mischievous little boy.  You have become fast friends with our neighbors' daughter, Aubrey, despite a two year age difference.  You two love bouncing on her trampoline and swinging each other on our tree swing.

I love you more and more with each passing day, Bug.  I can't even begin to imagine life without you.  You bring so much joy and excitement (and I admit, a little frustration) to your daddy and mines days and we love you with our whole beings and then some.

Love you bunches and bunches,


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