Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dear Three Year Old Kylie

It's been awhile, and mama is sorry for that. Since your birthday was in the beginning of August and it is now October, I'm a little behind the times. You've been growing up so much lately and don't seem to be stopping anytime soon. 

You still love your books. Every night you choose at least three books for us to read at bedtime. Lately your favorites have been a collection of nursery rhymes, the Little Critter books, and a book about pirate piggies. 

Spaghetti, or "noodles" as you call it, is your favorite food. You ask for it every night for dinner. Though sometimes I can convince you to eat heart shaped pancakes for dinner every once in awhile. You love eating Eggo waffles for breakfast before school. And the other week you helped me make banana bread and you absolutely devoured it!

Aubrey, the little girl who lives next door, is your best friend. You get so excited every time we pull into our driveway and see her outside playing. You two love to jump on her trampoline, kick balls, swing, wear princess shoes, and walk our chihuahuas together. Y'all get along despite your age difference since she is five and started kindergarten this fall.

You're a great helper around the house. We will do the dishes together, wipe off the table, water the outside plants, and weed the garden. You love taking the dogs on walks (Coco and Mimi are your favorite ones to hold). You dislike putting your toys away though, and they slowly spread through the house if we don't keep up with it.

Pink is your favorite color, and you are constantly reminding us of that. You love dressing yourself and if your outfits are not all pink, they definitely have major pink elements in them. You wear your new neon magenta Crocs everywhere.  And you informed us that this year for Halloween you are going to be a pink princess.

You're such a goofy, love able little kid. You have your difficult moments, that's for sure, especially now that you have to do everything "by myself!" But you have the cutest little crooked grin, you randomly give us hugs and kisses, often tell us secrets (which is always I love you), and you love to cuddle when you are tired. You make up stories about your baby dolls and stuffed animals and cars and markers. You love helping me baby sit your cousin Baby Kaid. And I love everything about you, Bug.

Love, Mama

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