Monday, October 14, 2013

Maybe We're Not Crazy After All

I have to admit there are times where I think Rex and I are absolutely, positively crazy for deciding to have another kid.  I mean, do we really have the time, money, energy, etc. to raise another child?  Kylie keeps us plenty busy. And she's been our baby for three years and this is going to be a whole new ball game for the three of us. Ky gets plenty annoyed with her younger cousin, Kaid, and she is stubborn and independent.

But some how being a family of four just seems right. A nice even number. Someone for Kylie to grow up with and sometimes terrorize and to share memories with. Two carseats in the back. Another stocking at Christmastime.  A baby for all of us to love on and wonder at and spoil. 

And then there are times like that above. Kylie and I babysat Kaid one night and she was sweet and helpful. She was beyond thrilled that they got to take a bath together and made sure I washed his hair properly. I cut her nails and naturally I had to cut Kaid's as well. They were allowed to watch one episode of Seseme Street before bedtime and Kylie insisted that Kaid lay down with her so they could share a blanket and cuddle. Pretty soon Kaid was out cold and Kylie would look down at him and then at me with this huge grin on her face.

And I thought, "Maybe we are doing something right."

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