Friday, May 27, 2011

Bad Day

That was yesterday in a nutshell. It sucked, big time. I didn't think I was going to make it, and I came *this* close to bursting into tears about half a dozen times.

The night before I didn't get into bed until 11 pm. Which kinda sucked, but I could deal. But then a little after midnight Kylie wakes up crying. I wait a few minutes, hoping, pleading, silently begging her to go back to sleep on her own. That's a big negative. So I stumble out of bed, trip over a couple of chihuahuas (yeah, there are still 12 of them in my house, don't even want to think about it), and scoop Ky up. A wet, stinky Ky.

I then realize the wetness is not from pee, but from poop. Poop that has exploded from the nighttime diaper and soaked through her jammies. A diaper change is definitely needed ASAP. I flip on the light which causes Rex to grumble and pull the blanket over his head, and proceed to strip down Kylie. In the middle of taking off the dirty diaper she reaches down, grabs a handful of poop and proceeds to smash it into her face and hair. Because she's mad and has been screaming the whole time, and what better way to show mama that you're mad then to smear poop all over your body?

So I quickly rinse her off, hoping that she is poop-free now, and get her into some clean pjs and diaper. Ky is wide awake by now, and is fussing and fretting and basically letting me know how horrible her life is. I know that the moment I put her in the crib she will scream bloody murder so I bring her to bed with Rex and me and let her nurse and pray that she passes out quickly. Nope. She and I finally drifted off a little after 2 am. And then my alarm goes of at 2:30. Fudge. I careful get up, trying not to disturb the sleeping baby on my chest, gently set her in her crib, and breathe a sigh of relief when she doesn't wake up.

And then the day just kept getting crappier. And crappier. And crappier. But I got through it. And it ended on a good note too at least. Calzones, shower, and cuddling with Rex. I love that man. Today's been going well and I hope it keeps it up. And then starting on Sunday I have a three day weekend!!! I haven't had 3 days of in a row (hell, even 2 days off in a row!) in a long time and I plan on enjoying my mini vacay from work! Happy Memorial Day weekend y'all!!!!

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