Monday, May 16, 2011

Kylie has a Fluffy Butt

Yep, the bug is in cloth diapers full time now.  And I LOVE it.  I can't describe my feelings for it.  Frigging awesome.  I had received about 10 cloth diapers for Christmas (I even asked for them too! Does that make me weird that I was over the moon to receive diapers for Christmas?).  Then when we received our tax return I used a portion of that to buy 14 more diapers, 2 pail liners, 3 wet bags, and some diaper friendly detergent.  Let me tell you, I haven't looked back.  This is my stash.

Go Green Diapers:  By far the cheapest diaper I have found so far, they range from $8 to $11 and that includes their prints and fuzzy diapers as well.  They have an awesome selection of colors and prints, and have snap closures.  They fit Kylie really well, and she's a tall, skinny baby.  They're one of my go to diapers for day time.  I do not use them at night, however, because they cannot withstand the insane amounts of pee that Kylie puts out at that time.

Bum Genius 4.0:  These are wonderful.  A bit pricey, but well worth the money.  I have about 6 of these with the aplix closures, and they are the favorites of the sitter's for their ease of use.  They also fit Kylie really well, and are able to handle daytime or night time use.  I wish they would get brighter colors though, I'm not a huge pastel fan.

Oh Katy:  I absolutely ADORE these diapers.  They have the best fit on Kylie.  I have the snap closure and I can always get perfect adjustments with them.  They are my favorite night time diaper and I don't think that I have ever had a leak with them.  Plus the inside is super soft and I feel good about putting this diaper on Ky's bum.  The only complaint I have about these is that they only have 2 snaps to adjust the rise and so sometimes they come unsnapped, but it only happens occasionally. 

Rumparooz:  At first I wasn't sure how I would like these, but they are starting to grow on me know that I've had some time to play around with the fit and inserts.  They are a great day time diaper for Kylie and I love how they fit, not very bulky on her little butt at all.  The internal gussets keep poop contained, which is always a good thing.  I love their huge selection of colors and prints, and I just want to keep buying them for that reason.

That's the diapers I have so far.  I'd like to get a couple more Oh Katy and try some new diapers as well.  I have my eyes on some Tot Wraps and itti bittis. 

With the inserts I have the standard microfiber ones that come with the diapers and I also got six hemp inserts from Rumparooz.  I have to say that I love the hemp inserts.  They are super thin and super duper absorbent.  Kylie is a heavy wetter and I hate having her diaper stuffed to capacity all the time, but the hemp saved me from that during the day.  I did find that I needed to wash them about 10 times for their full absorbency to kick in.

I'm using Rockin' Green detergent with them in Hard Rock, and it works wonders.  I haven't any stains using it and it works well with odors too.  I usually put my diapers through a cold rinse with no detergent, and then a heavy hot wash with extra rinse at the end.  I use 2 tablespoons of detergent per wash.  About once a month I let the diapers soak in the detergent over night (especially her night time diapers) to help prevent ammonia buildup.  This is all with a front loader, which I'm not too fond of because it doesn't put a lot of water out to really soak them.  I can't wait for when we move and I can use my top loader again.

So there you have it, my journey with cloth diapers so far.  I've learned a lot, but I know there is still a lot more to go!!!

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