Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Attack of the Fur Babies

So, I've just realized that I have forgotten to introduce my first children.  I don't see how I forgot because they make themselves known to the world at all times.  They are my chihuahuas.  Dakota, Nova, Daisy, and Midget.  Some of the most psychotic dogs you will ever meet.  But God help me, I love 'em. 

Meet Daisy. Also known as "Fat Back" or "Pink Belly." We acquired her two and a half years ago from my friend Marie who works at the city's animal control office.  Very dangerous to have your friend work here because they inform you of all the cute chihuahuas that come in.  Well, she texted me a picture one day of an itty bitty chihuahua puppy and asked me if we wanted her.  I texted Rex (which I should earn a gold star for I think because most of the time when it comes to animals I tend to just take them home.  Surprise honey!!!) and he instantly fell in love and said yes we had to have her.  And since that day she has been 100% Rex's dog.  No ifs ands or buts about it.  I am her mortal enemy and she will do anything to come in between us.  Seriously, we will be cuddling and watching tv and she will push her way in between us grunting and growling.  She is the diva of the bunch.  In winter she always needs her sweaters and hates going out in the cold.  She has a funny habit of burping right in Rex's face after she eats.

Meet Dakota.  Also know as "Coco."  He is the most psychotic one of the bunch and the only one we paid good money for.  Oh, around the tune of $1200.  Yeah, this was still when Rex and I were dating and he still liked me :)  Now Coco is a sweetheart, but he has lots of issues.  Take eating his food for example.  Now, he can't just sit at his bowl and eat, noooo.  He needs to take a single piece of food out at a time, take it about 3 feet away from the bowl, set it down, roll on it, bark at it, and then eat it.  Yes, this is a daily occurrence.  He falls asleep at night by going in and out of the covers about 10 times before he will settle down.  He looooovvvves car rides though, especially in our truck.  He loves to sit on the center console and smell the air conditioning vents.  Coco's mortal enemy is my brother's pug.  They love to get into growling matches.

Meet Midget.  Also known as "Mimi" or "The Fox."  She is the fluffy red dog on the left.  We aren't quite sure what kind of dog she is, and basically she just looks like a little fox.  She is the cuddle bug of all the dogs, and she loves giving kisses.  She can howl like there is no tomorrow and has a high pitched whine that can shatter glass (well, maybe not, but it sure seems like it sometimes).  Mimi was running around in the parking lot at my work one day and one of the customer service guys caught her and brought her in.  I first saw her in a crate in the cat room.  This poor little dog had about 20 cats staring her down.  Then I did a bad thing.  I brought her home and didn't tell Rex.  This was when he was working 2nd shift so he got home about 3:30 in the morning.  Him coming home consisted of him stumbling into the bedroom, stripping down to his boxers, and falling into bed.  So he fell into bed that night, and was petting the dogs when he first discovered Mimi.  All I heard was, "What the hell?" and then he flipped on the light.  Yeah, he was surprised to say the least.  He kept saying I would have to get rid of her, but ending up liking her and let me keep her.  Mimi's mortal enemies are birds.  And rats.

Meet Nova.  Also known as "Nova Nove."  She is my little darling and is a pound puppy.  She came from the same shelter as Daisy.  Rex and I got her about a month before we got married.  Nova is the most sane out of all of our dogs.  And the friendliest.  We always take her on road trips with us and she has been to Texas twice with us in the past year.  She gets excited every time she sees us packing up our bags.  She loves people and is super patient.  We take her to visit Rex's grandma in the nursing home and soaks up all the attention from the elderly people there.   Nova loves walks as well, and she will stick her head down any gopher hole she spots.  She will eat anything.  I mean, literally anything.  When I'm cooking she hovers around like it's life or death if she doesn't eat something.  Onions, garlic, apples, frozen vegetables, potato peels, you name it.  If it falls on the floor it's fair game.  Now, Nova's mortal enemy is my dad's cat Tucker.  She's fine with my cat Pork Chop, but if she sees Tucker she's after him like a bat out of hell.

So there you have it.  My fur babies.  I want to strangle them most of the time, but then they do something so incredibly cute and I can't help but laugh.  Though Kylie is probably going to grow up thinking she's a chihuahua and start growling and barking at people.  Oh well, what can you do? 

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