Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Y'all

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas.  I know I have.  Earlier this week, no...  Everything seemed to be happening at once.  I was working longer hours because of the holidays and between making sure Ky had everything she needed to go to the sitters, trying to remember to put the containers of frozen breast milk in the fridge the night BEFORE to thaw, wrapping presents, paying bills, making a last minute order for Charlotte and Louise, and dealing with a very sick and cranky husband.  It was overwhelming y'all.  I admit that I broke down in tears several times. 

I kinda just wanted this Christmas to be perfect.  It's our first one as a family of three and I wanted it to be special.  Which is kind of silly because Kylie won't remember it, but I knew I would.  And here I am, not enjoying this whole week because I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Bedtime just came too quickly every night, and it seemed like I never had a moment to spare.  Plus, two days before Christmas I remembered I had not bought Rex his stein.  See, every year I get him the Budweiser holiday beer stein.  So, HOLY CRAP!!!  Nobody has them left just two days before Christmas.  And then I finally find one at a gas station on my way home from work, it was the last one, so I scooped it up and when I get home I realize it's from frigging 2009!!!!  I was so frustrated.  So yesterday I'm calling every single liquor store in a fifty mile radius from my house and I finally find one.  And it was a 2010.  I practically begged the guy to hold it for me, I was going to be there in like 10 minutes tops.    And luckily he took pity on me, the crazy lady practically in tears over a damn stein.  But I got it. 

So by last night I was a total zombie.  Kylie had been up late the night before, since she got the same cold Rex had.  I had to get up at 4 am to get Ky ready for the sitters and me ready for work.  Work was exhausting.  We were short handed and had way too much stuff to do.  I finally get off, fight traffic to get home, pick up Ky, locate the stein, pick up the stein, buy the turkey and the stuffing mix, go home, take a shower, put on make up, feed Ky, load up the diaper bag.  Why you ask? Because Christmas Eve is also Rex's frigging birthday.  Yeah, my hubby always got royally screwed every year as a kid because he got combined birthday and Christmas presents.  So any who, we were going out for a couple of drinks with friends.

It turned out really nicely though.  I finally got a chance to relax and bullshit with buddies.  I didn't drink, but I hardly ever do, so I enjoyed a huge strawberry lemonade and watched Rex and his friends get a good buzz going.  We ate Texas egg rolls and hot wings, and cracked open about a million peanuts.  Kylie watched the football game on tv, and was fascinated by the guy making balloon animals for other kids.  All in all, it was just what I needed.  Some time to unwind and relax and catch up with friends.

This morning dawned bright and early with Ky Bug waking up at seven.  She had woken up several times during the night with a cough, but managed to fall back asleep easily every time thank God.  I fed her and then Rex and I opened up our stockings and gifts to each other.  Then Ky and I went out and opened gifts with the grandparents and great grandparents and had tons of fun crinkling wrapping paper.    We hopped in the shower and then got some lunch at Jack in the Box.  We went back home and played some Call of Duty zombie levels and then picked up Rex's little brother.  Uneventful, but so nice.  I'll probably get in trouble with my grandma for not going to the big family dinner, but that's ok.  Rex, Kylie, and I just needed some time to be by ourselves.  So now the turkey is stuffed and in the oven, Kylie's happily playing with a toy next to me on the floor, and the boys are playing Xbox.  It truly is a wonderful world tonight.

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