Monday, September 5, 2011

Dear Kylie

I know Mama is a little late with wishing you a happy first birthday, but it's been quite a couple of weeks for us, hasn't it?

First all, Daddy is in Texas and won't be headed out to come get us until the end of this month. You think he lives in my phone now. You love it when he calls and I put him on speaker phone. A big smile spreads across your face and you clap your hands with joy. When you wake up and right before you go to sleep we will watch one if the videos your daddy sends you telling you about what he's up to and how much he loves you. And randomly throughout the day you will pick up the phone and say "Hey-woe da-da!" Melts my heart every time.

At your twelve month check up we found out that you weigh 20 lbs and 5.8 oz (25th percentile) and 30 inches long (75th percentile). Tall and skinny baby! Nothing like your Mama :) That day you also got three shots and your blood drawn (sorry bug) but you handled it like a champ and afterwards we went out to lunch with your great grandma and the you got to choose a book and stuffed animal at Barnes and Noble.

You love to talk and babble. You've added lots of new words to your repertoire. Pat (Patrick from Sponge Bob), go, car (you will literally point out every car in the parking lot now), co (Dakota, your favorite chihuahua), and curl (which you call everything that you aren't quite sure what it is. I blame your grandad for this. I hate squirrels and so he would tell you squirrel whenever you would point out the window).

You are so close to walking little one. You will cruise around all day holding onto things. When you want to get somewhere in a hurry, you'll drop onto all fours and crawl as fast as you can. You remind me of a little crocodile when you crawl, as your body will move side to side as much as you are moving forward. You can stand on your own for as long as a minute now and are getting better at it everyday.
You are so smart it scares me sometimes. You love figuring out how stuff works. You try to unlock locks with keys, brush your hair, and you really love to brush your teeth. You will sit on the bathroom counter and put the toothbrush under the faucet and then in your mouth and then back and forth 'til I finally have to extract it out of your little hands so I can finish brushing them. You will spend a half and hour going through things, methodically sorting and stacking (cat food cans are your favorite).

I could write on and on forever, bug. I love you so so very much and I can't even start thanking God enough for having you and your daddy in my life. I hope and pray that your life will be everything you could possibly imagine and then some (even though right now that means a juice box, goldfish, and Sponge Bob).

Love you bunches Bug,


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