Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where My Brain Melts into one Big Puddle of Goo

That's how these past couple of weeks have felt like.  I've been going nonstop and it's definitely wearing on me and the bug. 

New Hair.  The color fulfills all of Rex's adolescent fantasies.

I worked nine days straight and over 85 hours in the past two weeks.  Plus, I wasn't even on my normal schedule, I had to work mids and closing shifts to cover for other managers who were on vacation.  Kylie definitely did not like that.  We didn't have our normal afternoons and evenings together.  I basically woke her up, dropped her off at the sitters and then went to work.  Came home (my parents would pick her up in the afternoon), give her a bath, and then put her to bed.  It sucked.  I was wiped out.  Ky was wiped out.  She went a whole week without napping at all, well, except one twenty minute nap, but I'm not really counting that.  Today she slept in until eight and then took a THREE hour nap this afternoon.  Thank the Lord!

This is what mama's effed up schedule does to a girl :(

And then in exactly one week and one day, Kylie and I will be heading to Texas.  Rex and his sister Stephanie will get out here with the truck and trailer Friday night, we will pack stuff up on Saturday and Sunday, and then leave on Sunday night.  I'm kinda freaking out here, to put it mildly.  This move hasn't seemed real till now.  I'm going to leave behind everything and everyone I've ever known.  Scary.  Big time scary.

Ky helping at the cross country meet where we helped my mom when my dad had to take my grandma to the hospital.  Yep, that happened this week too.  My grandma's okay, though :) Thank goodness.

But I am overjoyed that I get to see my hubby again.  I've been making it without him, but I rather not.  I love having someone to share everything with.  I love coming home to him, seeing him play with Kylie, cuddling with him, just being close to him.  Plus, phone sex is not nearly as exciting as real sex is.  Even Rex admitted to me on the phone yesterday that he misses the little things, like me hugging him (and he is a self proclaimed hug hater too, so this is huge).

In a rare shopping moment together.  Showing off the headband I made her.

I've gotten to catch up on my rest a little the past two days, which has been nice.  I haven't gotten a single chore done around the house, but I'm okay with that.  Ky and I have been able to catch up with each other and lounge around the house all day and it's been super.  Today I felt like cooking (which Rex can attest to that this never happens) and made fried chicken, sweet potato souffle, buttermilk biscuits, and bread pudding.  ALL FROM SCRATCH.  Yep, I think I may have lost my ever frigging mind. 

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