Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas.  Christmas Eve was also Rex's birthday, so we spent the day with his sisters Stephanie and Julie, and Stephanie's boyfriend, Brian.  We went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and then cruised around some shops to pick up some last minute things for Christmas.  Later that night we went to Stephanie and Brian's for cake and presents.  I made Rex his dark chocolate cake with orange cream filling and chocolate ganache :) yum!

Christmas morning was wonderful.  Kylie actually slept in until almost 10 o'clock, gasp!  She loved opening all of her presents.  She wasn't thrilled with clothes, if she saw them in a package she would shake her head no and toss it to the side.  We had Christmas dinner with Rex's family and it was especially lovely because we were able to bring Rex's grandma over from her nursing home for it. 

We then headed back to our little trailer where Kylie proceeded to take a two hour nap.  Yes, our child decided to be nice to us.  Rex and I took advantage of that two hours by napping as well.  It was glorious.  Absolutely glorious.  We then went to Jack in the Box for a quick bite (a Rexrode family tradition I'm told) and headed over to his sister's house to open presents with them and a couple hours of Dance Central on their xbox kinect. 

We headed home in the wee hours of the morning and tucked the Bug into bed.  Rex and I gave the chihuahuas some treats and settled in to watch a couple of episodes of Supernatural before hitting the hay.

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