Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Got a New...

Job!  Yep, that's right.  I got a second job.  It's been really slow at the restaurant lately, like 2 tables a night slow.  Two tables a night equals anywhere from $10-$15 in tips, which does not pay the bills.

When I first moved out to Texas I put in an application at the church day care that my sister in law works at.  Well, they finally had an opening for a teacher and the the director gave me a call last Thursday.  I had my interview on Friday and got hired right then and there.  After the boatload of paperwork necessary for working in the child care industry, I started on Monday.

I'm the new afternoon teacher in the tiny tots classroom.  I have 5 kids that range from 12 to 18n months.  It took a bit of adjusting with dealing with five kids that age when I'm used to only having Kylie around.  Luckily I have some little sweethearts in my class that help me clean up and hold the other kids hands when we go on our walks.

Kylie goes to the day care now since I work there.  She is just there for 4 hours in the afternoon when Rex is also at work.  She really enjoys being around kids her own age and interacting with them.  No one in our family has kid's her age so the chihuahuas have been her playmates in the meantime.  Luckily she hasn't growled or tried to bite any kids yet at day care :)

So that's what's been happening with us lately.  Trying to get ready for Christmas with us working all the time.  Seeing if we will be able to move back to California anytime soon. And so forth.  Busy busy busy!

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