Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I'm sitting here in one of our armchairs, sweats and moccasins on.  Kylie is asleep in her pack'n'play a mere three feet away and the chihuahuas are eating their dinner.  Yes, they are little vampires and refuse to eat during daylight hours.  Tell me about it. 

I can hear the rain pounding on the roof of our little trailer we call home for right now.  Lightning is flashing and thunder is roaring.  These storms in the South aren't for the faint of heart, that's for sure.  The whole sky lights up so I can see the whole landscape bright as day for a split second.  A quick relief from the dark storm. 

A few minutes ago I was out in the thick of it, bringing in our bags and quickly carrying a sleeping toddler in my arms, all snug as a bug in her SpongeBob blanket.  It was a long day.  Laundry and dishes at home in the morning.  Working at the daycare all afternoon.  Heading to the restaurant straight after to wait tables until nine o'clock.  Driving my sorry butt to my sister-in-laws to pick up Kylie where I was greeted with a wonderful dinner of grilled chicken and green bean casserole.  We watched The Help as Kylie got into mischief.  Christmas ornaments are quite fascinating.  As are all of the presents that should be opened NOW and not on Sunday. 

Kylie even got a bow stuck on her little butt.  She decided that a box must be unwrapped and opened.  We stopped her from completely unwrapping it, but she had already gotten the bow off and thrown aside and one corner of the present was peeking out of the paper.  In her fit of rage over having the present being taken away, Ky plopped down on her tush right onto the bow, which promptly adhered itself to the seat of her fuzzy jammies.  She didn't even notice so we all had a good laugh as a strange little combination of Christmas and the Easter Bunny walked around the living room smiling at us.

It did my heart good seeing my little daughter with a bow on her silly butt.  Her wide grin as if she were in on the joke with us.  Running up to her aunties to give them great big hugs.  Cuddling with me as we finish the movie.  I love coming home to that.  I know that I at least did one thing right in my life, and I sigh in peace.

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