Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's Been Happening Around Here

is that Kylie is getting way too big and cute for her own good!  Seriously.  It's like she's grown up overnight.  It's scary!  Here's some of my latest iPhone pictures...

Kylie and my cat Pork Chop.  I should probably say Kylie's cat Pork Chop, since Pork Chop absolutely adores her.  He follows me around whenever I have her, and as soon as I set her down anywhere he plops right down next to her and starts to purr.  She can even pull his fur and tail and he loves it.  It's great that he is nice to her, but weird, especially for a cat.

Kylie and her "stunna" shades.  We were in Big 5 the other day so Rex could look at guns and we had an impromptu photo shoot with Kylie when we saw all the cute kids sunglasses there.  We thought this pair looked the best.  Ky thought we were crazy though.  Ha ha.

And finally little miss Ky Bug in her crib.  Standing.  My arm was only there to make sure she didn't fall over and hit her head.  Yes, she is now able to stand while holding onto things.  Not for very long though.  But it's still crazy.  She's growing so fast!!! Ahhhh!!!!

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