Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Bathtub Tried to Kill Me

The last couple weeks have been rough. Working full-time again with Kylie is a whole hell of a lot harder than I had ever imagined. I'm sleep deprived and it's causing me to be extremely clumsy lately. The other night Rex and I were taking a shower and I reached down for the conditioner bottle, and BAM, I slipped and fell. I almost took down the shower curtain too and narrowly missed hitting my head on the toilet. I have to give Rex credit though, he asked if I was okay before he started laughing at me. Now my thigh is sporting a huge ole bruise and so is my wrist. So don't get all complacent and think that only little old ladies fall in the tub, twenty-three year old mamas do it too. And yes, after work I'm going to Target and buying the little grippy thingies to put on the bottom of the tub. Don't laugh (well, maybe just a little). So y'all be safe and beware of the bathtub!

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