Monday, January 31, 2011

My Sunday

My Sunday was quite lovely.  Ky Bug woke up at 7 o'clock on the dot and was in a good mood, which always bodes well for the day.  I got her changed and fed, and then onto a blanket for some tummy time.  I helped Rex get all packed up to go shooting with his friends, and got him sent off for the day. 

I did some laundry and changed the sheets and blankets on the bed.  I swept and swiffered our bedroom floor.  I took out all the empty water bottles and soda cans that Rex likes to leave everywhere.  I felt accomplished enough for the day so then Ky and I kicked back and relaxed.

We went to lunch with my parents and grandma.  Kylie charmed the pants off of all the old ladies at the restaurant.  I got to eat a huge chicken tostada that was absolutely delicious!  Ky got to try to steal all of the food that we were eating.  She really, really, really wanted my tostada.

We got home and Ky Bug took a nap and I got to read my new book.  Rex got home and told me all about his day, which includes wanting a new gun, no surprise there!  I cooked some yummy spicy chicken enchiladas for dinner. 

Kylie got a treat today too, she got to try bananas for the first time!  We've been giving her some rice cereal for a couple days now and thought it was time to give her something new.  She is still in the phase where she likes the idea of eating food more than she actually likes the food.  The first couple spoonfuls she gobbled down, but then she slowed down to actually taste what she was eating and screwed up her face into a yucky expression.  Then she turns to me (Rex was feeding her the bananas), with a look like, "Mom, do I really have to eat this stuff?  I don't think I like it!"  So we stopped the feeding there.  I think in a couple days we'll try sweet potatoes!

Then Kylie got her bath, where she has now learned that she can splash water with her hands and not just her feet.  I got her into her pjs and fed her and read Goodnight Moon and then put her down for the night where she proceeded to fall asleep in 5 minutes with no fussing! If only that could happen every night.  ::sigh::

So that was my Sunday y'all.  I hope everyones' was wonderful and relaxing too.

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