Saturday, January 29, 2011

I survived...

My first week of working full time again.  It wasn't easy.  Especially the waking up at 2:30 in the morning part so I could be at work by 4 o'clock.  I haven't had to work full time for about 3 years, and I wasn't married with a baby back then either.  I definitely have to streamline my routine for getting all of Ky Bug's stuff ready for the sitters and making sure all the household chores are getting done as well.  But I have tomorrow off and so I'm going to get my chores done early and hopefully nap with Ky and read some of the new Catherine Anderson book I picked up at Target after work today.

Here are some pictures of this week from when I was not at work...

The Bug is only slightly messy while eating rice cereal.  We just started giving it to her once a day this week.  She likes knowing that she can get "big" people food better than she actually likes eating it.  But that's normal I guess for a baby just starting out on solids.

Rex and Ky at Chipotle's after we picked up Rex's new shotgun.  She loves wearing his hat and actually kept it on for about five minutes!

Rex and the Bug again.  I actually got Rex in some pictures!!! I'm so happy!!! Usually he sulks and makes faces if I try to take pictures of him.  Score for me!!

Me.  After 10 hours of work.  And picking up a baby from the sitters, feeding her, and then getting her loaded back up into the car, driving 45 minutes, and then waiting another 20 minutes for Rex to meet me to do errands after he got off of work.  So please ignore my roots and the state of my face.  14 hour make up my ass.

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