Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Fave Baby Things So Far

So there have been a couple things I don't think I could have lived without after Kylie was born.  When I was making our registry, I really had no clue what I was doing.  I'd never really babysat before, the last baby in my family was my cousin and he is sixteen now, and none of my friends have babies either.  So I'm looking at this stuff and just thinking, "crap, crap, CRAP!"  I basically went off the reviews kind souls filled out on  Some worked, and some didn't.  These are my favorites so far:


I know a lot of people say the My Breast Friend is better, but I got the Boppy at my shower and I totally fell in love with it.  I so wish I had brought it with me to the hospital, it would have been a lifesaver.  That pillow saved my arms when I was learning to breastfeed Ky.  I don't know about you, but I learned about muscles I never knew existed when I had a baby.  Seriously.  My arms and my neck were killing me.  But the Boppy made it a lot less painful, and my arms didn't tire as quickly when I was breastfeeding.  Plus, the Ky Bug loves the thing.  She used it for tummy time the first couple of months when she still didn't appreciate being plopped down flat on her belly.  And she also loves to be propped up against it so she can play with toys and books.


The SwaddleMe was a $13 purchase at WalMart by Rex, and it is something we never regretted.  Ky would always kick off her swaddling blankets during the night and since we were worried about the possibility of SIDS, we looked into alternative methods of swaddling her.  In came the SwaddleMe.  Pink fuzzy fleece that she is cocooned in with Velcro tabs.  Impossible for her to kick off and it let all of us sleep better at night.  She used it all the way to two months when she decided she wanted her arms free to be a little drama queen and fall asleep with her hands across her eyes. 


When Ky was a few weeks old, she got a bad cold, and had the worst congestion ever!  Our pedi recommended the saline nose spray and it helped soooo much.  In fact, I barely had to use the snot sucker (which Kylie absolutely despised).  And the funny thing was, Kylie adored the nose spray.  She liked it.  Totally weird.  Like she knew it was going to help drain all that nasty snot out of her nose and help her sleep and eat better.


This wonderful baby carrier actually let me get some stuff done around the house.  Kylie loves it.  I like it because of all the different positions I can put Kylie in.  When she was still a newborn I put her in the hug or cradle hold, and she would snuggle up against me and go to sleep as I put away laundry or dishes.  Now that she likes to see the world, I put her in the Lotus hold and she can sit up and face out and bat her eyelashes at all the old ladies at Costco. 


T-Shirts and a diaper was all Kylie really wore when she was a newborn.  I know this wouldn't work for a winter baby, but since Ky was born in the beginning of August T-Shirts are what I used.  They kept her umbilical cord stump dry (it fell of in 10 days) and plus, we were changing her diaper a million times a day so we didn't have to deal with pants or anything like that. 

Sleepers are my best friend right now.  Seriously.  Sometimes Ky wears them all day.  She has this wonderful habit of kicking off socks and shoes, and now that it's January, it's a little cold to be going without those.  Here's where sleepers come in.  She can't kick them off and they don't ride up and leave any exposed tummy.  I'm all about simplicity y'all, and these are it!


My favorite thing at this moment however, is the Baby Einstein Exersaucer we purchased at Target for Kylie's Christmas present.  We love it.  It will keep Ky occupied for 20-30 minutes as I am making dinner.  She is over her swing and so that left me in a bit of a predicament.  Since she is so big and active now, I can't really hold her as a make dinner, but in the swing she would fuss and cry.  Not in the exersaucer, though.  Ky is bound and determined to get those darn little tags that are dangling from the little green branch.  She tries every time to get them off.

So these are my favorite baby things so far, and since Kylie is only five months right now, I'm sure I will have plenty more to share with y'all in the future.

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