Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crazy Busy

So that's been the story of my life lately.  Crazy busy.  Between working 45+ hours a week, taking care of Rex and the Ky Bug, and trying to get chores done, it's been quite hectic in our household as of late. 

Rex is still on disability and is waiting for worker's comp to approve his MRI.  His doctor's and physical therapist believe he has a ruptured or compressed disk in his back.  And of course worker's comp doesn't want to pay for an MRI and are being slower than molasses in January.  For the meantime, he's being Mr. Mom.  We're so happy that something good came out of hurting his back.  When I was home all the time and he was working, he was often unhappy because Kylie wasn't very interested in him.  She'd give him a quick glance and then maybe a smile and go back to whatever she was doing.  Now they're closer than two peas in a pod.  Kylie absolutely ADORES Rex.  She laughs at him, makes funny faces at him, naps in his arms, and always makes sure she knows where he is in the room before she settles down to doing something.  It's making me jealous sometimes, y'all. 

Kylie is still growing by leaps and bounds.  On the 4th she turned 7 months old.  7 frigging months old!!! I can't believe it sometimes.  I should have that post up in a couple of days.  Oh, and guess what?!?!  The Ky Bug is now mobile!!!!  She is army crawling everywhere!  But she rarely goes forward, she goes backwards.  Is my my kid a rebel or what, ha!  And she just said da da for the first time this morning!!!

Meet Josie.  Our newest addition.  Somebody turned her into the pound very very pregnant (even though you can't tell in the picture above, but trust me she's huge, she looks how I feel in the pic above at 41 weeks preggo). And the animal shelter around here have policies against adopting out pregnant dogs, so they were just going to put her down.  But luckily my friend works there and was able to arrange for us to take her so she wouldn't be.  She is the sweetest little thing and has settled right in to life in our crazy home.  Her poor little belly is huge right now.  You can even see the puppies moving and feel them kicking away.  Poor Josie is ready for those little guys to come out.  She sighs and wheezes all the time as she settles down and finds a comfortable spot. Poor girl.  I'll post pictures of the puppies as soon as she has them!

I'm still breastfeeding as of now.  It's getting much harder to keep my supply up with working so much, and especially since I had a low supply to begin with.  And this week both of the SNS's broke, courtesy of Ky.  She pulled out the tubing in both of them :(  I'm now contemplating either buying a new one which would be between $50-$80 or just keep giving her a bottle after I breastfeed.  Which is a pain, but it works.  It's so frustrating sometimes.  I wish I could go back to when Ky was born and start all over with the knowledge I have right now.  I met with lactation consultants so many times, and not once did they say to just stop supplementing and just breastfeed all the time to get my supply to come in.  Oh well.  I can't change it now. 

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