Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Sunday

Kylie let me sleep in an extra half an hour, which was greatly appreciated.  Then we lazed about the house for a while, took a shower, and went on our merry way. 

First stop Target, where I found 2 pairs of jeans that were on sale.  One pair was $4.98 and the other was $6.39.  Score for me!!!  I got a couple of shirts that were on sale too.  Kylie got a cute Love Bug shirt (we can't seem to go anywhere without buying the bug something).  I had to restrain myself in the baby section though.  They have so many dresses and skirts that are just too darn cute.  Next paycheck I'll have to buy at least one.  Well, maybe two. 

Then to Wally World.  Rex wanted to get some more fishing lures and leaders.  And it's so weird.  Every time that we are at Wal Mart we see this one guy there.  And we're at Wal Mart a lot.  He doesn't work there, and he is never shopping, at least what we can tell.  He never has a cart or basket at least.  It's weird.

Then on to Forever 21.  I still had a some money left on a gift card so I was able to pick up a cute flowered blouse.  Hopefully next weekend we have enough energy to go out so I can join in on the Stepping Out Saturday on Harper's Happenings.

We finished our trip out at Red Lobster.  Yum.  I always get a cherry coke there because they add the real grenadine too it and put cherries in it too.  And their cheese biscuits?  To die for.  Who cares if they're a thousand calories each.

And Kylie said da da for the first time!!! Rex is thrilled.  And now she won't stop saying it either.  She's playing with her toys right now just going "dadadadadadadadadadada."  Too frigging cute.  It's also looking like she is finally beginning to teethe.  Her bottom gum is a little bit swollen, and she was the crankiest baby ever when we were out and about, which is totally unlike her.  She was also chewing like crazy on everything in sight.  I think a Sophie the Giraffe is in order. 

Look at these kick ace nails.  I got those Sally Hansen peel off nail polish thingies and they're awesome!!  I love that they don't require any drying time because as other mamas know, babies don't give you the luxury to let your nail polish dry.  So these are my new favorite things.  A little pricey, but I bought them at Wal Mart so at least I got a discount on them.

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