Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Tuesday

Sorry for the long absence y'all.  It's been a crazy couple of weeks.  We've been running around like crazy.  But today Rex went fishing with his friends, so Kylie and I have a nice quiet day at home.  And since Ky is napping right now, I thought I would sneak in a quick post.

Rex is now off of disability and back at work.  He had his MRI and it turns out he as a herniated disc in his back, but it's not big enough yet to do anything about it.  The doctor gave him the option of going back to work or staying on disability.  Rex chose to go back to work because after 90 days he would lose his spot and would have to take almost a 50% pay cut.  Not cool.  He is still seeing the doctor and I believe they are referring him to a back specialist to help manage the pain.

We got our taxes done the other day, and got enough back to pay off all our credit card bills.  Which I am super stoked about!!!! We will be debt free eventually.  And we always leave some money for each of us to buy whatever we want with it.  So I'm buying cloth diapers!!!!  Rex thinks I'm crazy for being this excited about it!!! Hee hee hee.  Now I just have to decide which ones I want!

The Bug just got her two front bottom teeth in, and is being a mite more crankier than usual, but that's to be expected.  She isn't too thrilled with the teething rings, but loves chewing on cold celery.  I'm going to order her a Sophie this week as soon as I get paid.  Anyone have good tips on dealing with a teething baby?  Rex wanted to put whisky on her gums but I wouldn't let him lol. 

We currently have 12 chihuahuas in our house right now.  Yep, you read correctly, TWELVE freaking chihuahuas.  Josie had 6 puppies two weeks ago and we just rescued a four week old puppy the other day.  Luckily Josie is super mommy and is taking care of her babies like a champ.  She's eating like a horse, but that's to be expected with nursing six of the little buggers.  The chihuahua we rescued decided he is Ky's puppy.  We named him Zero after the dog in Nightmare Before Christmas. 

So that's whats been happening in our crazy household this past couple of weeks.  I'll leave you with some pics of the always adorable Ky Bug (who is almost eight months old, eep!)

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