Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Crazy Crazy Schedule

So I thought I would write down the schedule Rex, Ky, and I are keeping these days. I know one day I will look back at it and just shake my head for how crazy it all is. It's not a perfect schedule at all, but most of the time it gets us through the week.


Ky wakes up between 7 and 7:30 and I change her and feed her and let the dogs out to go potty. Then we usually go out and play in the living room until Rex wakes up. Then we will have some breakfast and do chores or run errands. Ky takes a nap around 10 am. At about 11:45 I start getting ready for work and by 12:30 I'm out the door. Rex and Ky do their thing till about 9 when he puts her down for the night and then starts dinner. I get home at 10:30, we eat, shower, possibly knock boots, and then go to bed.


One of my days off. Glorious. I wake up with Kylie between 7 and 7:30, change and feed her, let out the dogs, etc. When Rex gets up we will usually go out for an early lunch and some errands. Kylie loves being out and about and will nap in the car. If we're at home we'll play and take a walk outside or go sit on the patio swing. Ky will nap at 10 am and then again at 2 pm. I'll do chores and laundry. I'll make dinner about 6 pm where Kylie will eat her solids for the day. After dinner I'll get Kylie's diaper bag ready for the sitters the next day and put away laundry. We usually start Ky's bedtime stuff (bath every other night, nursing, book, rocking) around 8 pm and most times have her asleep by 9. Then Rex and I usually watch a movie or tv shows on Netflix, shower, and then go to bed by 10.


I wake up at 2:45 am. Yeah, I know it sucks. I get ready for work and make Kylie's bottles for the day. I'm out the door by 3:30. Rex gets up at 4:45 am an puts the dogs outside for the day and lets Josie go potty and then puts her back in with her pups. He leaves the house by 5:10. Don't worry, Kylie is not left alone. We live with my parents who are both teachers so at about 6:30 my mom wakes up Ky, changes her and loads her up to drop her off at the sitters, who lives just up the street from us. I get off of work at 2, so I'm usually at the sitters by 2:30/2:40 to pick Ky up. We'll go home and check on all the dogs and then I'll nurse her while watching tv or checking out blogs on the computer. Then Ky plays on the floor with toys where I throw some laundry in the washer, rinse out her used bottles, repack the diaper bag,etc. Then I'll hang with Ky and cuddle for a little bit. About 5 pm I'll start getting things ready for dinner and she will play in her exersaucer. Rex gets home about 6 and then we all have dinner and then either watch tv or go for a walk together. I'll start Ky's bedtime routine between 7:30 and 8 an have her in her crib by 9. Then Rex and I take a shower, might have some mommy and daddy time if we aren't too exhausted, and then be in bed by 10.


Another day off for all of us!!! Pretty much like Tuesday except that every once in awhile we'll make it to church if we wake up on time (we really need to go more often though). This is the day Rex will usually hang out with friends and go fishing. Ky and I will usually meet my grandma for lunch and visit with her for a bit too.

So there it is. Except it usually doesn't go that smoothly. But it's getting there.

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