Thursday, April 14, 2011


So the other day we were out running errands and I was keeping my eye out for Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. Heir to Blair had mentioned them on Twitter several times and I decided that I HAD to have them. It was a must.

So I check Wal-Mart. Nothing. K-Mart. Nothing. Finally Super Target and ::angels singing:: success! They have it! I buy the basil scented spray which even Rex said smelled good and am happy the rest of the day. But then we get home and the rest of the night is too busy for me to try any out.

The next day I get home from work and picking Ky up from the sitters and I decide that I need to use Mrs. Meyers Countertop Spray now. As in this very moment. I'm happily cleaning the bathroom when Rex calls me.

"Hey, what's up babe?"

"Not much. Just cleaning the bathroom."

"Why are you cleaning the bathroom?"

"Umm... because it's dirty?"

"No, you just wanted to use your new cleaning stuff!"


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