Sunday, April 10, 2011

8 Months!!!

So as of last Monday, Kylie is 8 months old!  Eeek!  Where has time gone?  She is now a little person, and is soaking up the world around her.  Even my grandma's dog notices the change.  When she was a newborn he wasn't so sure of her and kinda looked like he wouldn't mind eating her.  Yesterday when we were visiting with my grandma, he loved her and allowed himself to be pet by Kylie too, enjoying her squeals and giggles in the process.  It's amazing how fast she has progressed in such a short amount of time.

Kylie is wearing clothes anywhere from 3-6 months to 12 months.  That's right, she finally grew out of all her 0-3 onesies.  At least I got good use out of them.  I love that I can buy her the 12 month clothes now because that has greatly expanded the shopping horizon on baby clothes.  Have y'all seen the spring dresses at Target for toddlers?  Frigging adorable. 

Her eyes have staid the blue with green in the middle, and her hair has finally settled on being a dark blonde.  She still has her nice long dark eyelashes and perfect little eyebrows. 

She babbles away all the time now.  No new words this month so far, but a whole lot of new sounds.  She likes to sing to the radio in the car, and now often times tries to talk while nursing.  Especially if she is upset, then it's like she telling my boob about how horrible life is to her.  Ky is usually a super happy baby and is often times squealing and giggling. 

Kylie is eating more and more solid foods now.  She loves mangos, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, chicken, yogurt, corn, oatmeal, pears, and cheese puffs.  Still does not like green beans, prunes, and rice cereal.

She is very observant and catches on to things quick.  She has started mimicking us doing a lot of things and it's so cute to watch her learn something and then implement it on her own.  The other week she was playing in her crib when she noticed Rex had left a xbox controller within reach on a bedside table.  So she reaches through the slats and grabs it but can't get it through because it's too wide.  She then proceeds to start turning in this way and that, and gets the frigging controller through the slats!!! I couldn't believe it!!!

Ky is *this* close to crawling.  She can  get up on all fours no problem and will rock back and forth and sometimes take a couple of steps forward.  She just hasn't fully committed herself to it yet.  She still gets around pretty good with army crawling, rolling, and lunging for things though.  She can pull herself up to a standing position when she is sitting in her crib, and this of course led Rex and I to lower her mattress down.  Ky loves to dance with us and will bounce and swing all around while holding onto our hands. 

She absolutely LOVES to read.  She gets super excited when she sees you getting a book.  And you must read the book to her, she gets upset if you hand her a book and then do nothing.  Her favorite books are a series of flap books by Karen Katz.  Her favorite ones out of the series is Where is Baby's Mama? and What Does Baby Say?  Kylie even tries opening the flaps on her own now.

Kylie is napping a lot more regularly now and it's a godsend.  She will usually take two 1-2 hour naps.  One around 10 am and the other around 2-3 pm.  Bedtimes have been a bit of a struggle lately because of her teething.  That's right the Bug has teeth now.  Both of her two front bottom teeth decided to come in at the same time.  Usually the only thing that helps with the teething pain is chewing on celery, mama's boob, or on frozen mangos. 

I'll finish it off with some likes and dislikes of the Bug.

Likes:  Reading, dancing, Sponge Bob, balloon kisses from daddy, vacuuming with mommy, watching mommy blow dry her hair

Dislikes:  Diaper changes, bedtime, when mommy and daddy don't let her play with their iPhones, being in the car seat when she's not in the car

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