Friday, April 29, 2011

I Hate People

Well, I guess technically I just hate stupid people. A lot. And someone is allowing the stupid people to multiply and create more stupid people.

This is what working in retail will do to you. Even if it is a pet store with lots of adorable animals. Customer service blows. There are times I love it, when people actually listen to your advice and you help them solve a real problem. You get all warm and fuzzy inside and you feel like you accomplished something.

But then you run into a stupid person. Like one who can't understand why a baby rabbit can't live off of carrot juice. It's because you have a REAL rabbit and not frigging bugs bunny. Hate to break it to you, but cartoons lie. Or the person who can't understand why she can't let her six pit bull puppies nurse from a cat who is already nursing five kittens. Well, hmm, let's see. First of all it's a CAT not a dog and secondly the week old pit bill puppies are as big as the mama cat already. And no we cannot take the puppies since you are too cheap and lazy to bottle feed them. Maybe next time you should get your dog spayed or at least keep her in the yard so she can't get knocked up. Or the person who asks you what kind of dog you think their dog is. Well, it sure looks like an Akita/Yellow Lab mix. No, I don't think it's a Husky. It has a yellow coat, brown eyes, and has an Akita's face and tail. Once again, doesn't really look like a Husky. And again, IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A DAMN HUSKY! And finally, call the dog whatever the fudge you want to, but stop asking my opinion if you don't want to listen to it!!!

And I think what's worse than stupid people is entitled people. You know, the ones that think that your sole purpose on this earth is to make them happy no matter how outrageous their demands are. Sorry ma'am but I can't give you a cash refund for something you purchased two years ago that is in tatters and that you don't have the receipt for. Policy states that you have 60 days, item must be in resellable condition, and that you have the original receipt. No ma'am I can't look up a receipt from 2 years ago. No ma'am I can't give you a refund. No. No. No. Yes ma'am you call our main office. Have a wonderful day (translation=go burn in hell). Or this one. No sir I can't accept this coupon. It expired last year. I can only accept coupons that have expired in this week or in the future. Sir, it was 6 months ago. Sir, they all have expiration dates. If we take this coupon we don't get paid for it and we don't want that. Sir we didnt give you this coupon, you clipped it out of the newspaper, we only email coupons now. No sir, we can't accept it. Yes sir, you sure can call our main office. Here's the number (translation=I hope you get a paper cut from this card and bleed to death).

So sorry about that. I just needed to vent. And I didnt even get to the customers that scream and cry and cuss you out in front of everyone. Thank God that all of our customers aren't like that or I think I would have killed myself by now.

I'll be back in a couple of days with a much happier post about Kylie's fluffy butt :)

Oh please excuse any typos, I typed this on my phone and I was ranting, so misspellings and bad grammar are a given, thanks!

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