Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Busy being an adult that is.  How I wish I was still a kid sometimes, and didn't have to make any life changing decisions or pay bills.  Especially pay the bills.

We have a lot of questions that we are trying to answer.  Like do we want to stay in Texas or move back home to California.  And if we do stay in Texas, do we want to stay in the San Antonio area or see what the Houston area is like.  And do we want to rent or buy.  We don't want to buy yet because we are not sure if we are staying or not.  But we don't want to rent for a year and waste that money on rent rather than a house payment.  Sometimes, we want to go back home so bad so that's always a possibilty for us as well.  Ugh.  I hate having so many things up in the air like this.  Wish us luck, as we try to decide!

Now I'm off to the park with Rex and the Bug who is currently trying to type along with me as I try to get this post up.  Kylie is, I mean, not Rex :)

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