Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh, Texas...

Well, after a lot of deliberating and contemplating, it looks like we are going to move back to California.  We are about 99.9% sure.  Rex is just not happy out here.  He misses his hometown, his friends, his desert, his dirt bikes.  The move will not happen anytime soon, though.  We have to wait until Rex's six months are up at this shop before he is eligible to transfer again.  So that means the middle of February would be the earliest we would move back, possibly longer if there are no open spots.

I have to admit though, I'm kinda in love with Texas.  You know when someplace just feels right?  That's what Texas is for me.  I love this little town we are living in.  It's green and alive and has a history of it's own.  There are old oak trees towering around everywhere, and I can just picture Kylie climbing them and building tree houses in them when she is older.  There are farmers and ranchers and hunters all around.  People who depend on the land.  Where chivalry is not dead and people hold doors, say thank you, yes sir, and no ma'am. 

Houses are old and small here.  Wrap around porches and big stars are must haves.  Little farmhouses with wide open windows and gleaming hardwood floors.  Front porch swings.  Old decrepit barn in the back and a creaky windmill in the front. 

A town that just about shuts down every Friday night for the high school football game.  Where the high school kids hang out at Sonic after the last bell rings.  Everybody knows everybody.  The Red Hat Society meets once a month at the little Italian restaurant.  Where everyone is in camo during the fall.  Back roads take you where ever you want to go.

So it looks like I'm going to leave a little piece of my heart behind, here in Texas.  I might be a little disappointed that we are not going to call this place home, but my place is with my family, where we can all be equally happy and joyful.  Where we can go back to the friends that we've known since elementary school.  Where I will be able to see my family everyday (squee!) and Kylie can have her Pork Chop cat back. 

But I'm going to miss you, Texas.

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