Sunday, November 13, 2011

Work Work Work

This is what stress has reduced me to, note the crazy hair.

That's what Rex and I are doing lately.  Rex's work has opened up overtime, which is a blessing because we can really use the money.  We are working on getting all of our bills paid off, and while we are making progress, it's really slow going.  Don't get into debt y'all, it blows.  At least try to get into as little as possible.  Though we haven't decided if we are staying in Texas or not yet, one thing we know for sure now is that no matter where we end up, we want to buy a house. 

A place of our own that we can do whatever we damn well please to.  No land lord to deal with, no calling if we can paint walls or hang pictures up.  However, as many of you know, buying a house is no walk in the park.  We really want all of our smaller bills paid off so we only have our truck, insurance, and phone payments when we add a house payment to the mix. 

So hence all of the work.  This past week Rex put in 60 hours at his job and probably will do it again this week.  He gets paid hourly so this will mean 40 hours of regular pay and then 40 hours of overtime on his next check.  One bill completely gone.  I'm working six nights at the restaurant this week, waiting tables.  And you can bet that I'm going to have the sweetest face on and be busting my ace to make all of those people happy.  With my job my tips are basically my pay, since in Texas waitresses only make $2.13 an hour.  Whoever came up with that needs to work for $2.13 an hour, hoping that people will tip 15%. 

Luckily I still have days with Kylie since I don't go into work until 5 in the evening and my lovely sister-in-laws babysit Kylie while I'm working.  Ky loves her aunties and always gets spoiled rotten.

Sigh.  Hopefully all of this hard work will pay off soon when we step into our very own home.

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