Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On Twos Not Fours

So I feel bad that I haven't had any updates on Kylie in a while.  She's kinda gotten lost in all my complaining on here.  She just turned 15 months this week and is amazing me with all that she can do. 

The biggest milestone that we have reached in these past couple of months is walking!  Yes, that's right.  Walking.  My bug has ditched the hands and knees and traded up for two feet.  Most of the time.  It seemingly happened overnight too.  For a month or so now she has been taking one or two steps by herself, but we hadn't been able to get her to take anymore.  The beginning of this week she was up to about 8 steps by herself.  Now she is walking across whole rooms by herself, steadying herself, getting right back up when she falls.  Which is seriously the cutest thing ever.  We try not to hover too much with this whole process, mainly because Kylie can't stand it (i.e. she pushes us away and won't hold our hands), so we try not to make a big deal when she takes a little tumble.  She says uh-oh! or ooohhhh! when she falls and then gets right back up again with a big grin on her face the whole time.  So proud of my little bug. 

Ky is being super picky eater right now.  The only constants right now are tortillas, fruit bars, and ravioli.  The rest of the foods we feed her (or attempt to feed her I should say) are really hit and miss.  I can't wait til I have my own kitchen again so I can experiment with new things for her. 

Some of Ky's loves right now are: helping me fold laundry, sorting things into piles, chasing the chihuahuas, hiding in the chihuahua's crates, stealing sips of mama's soda, walking, climbing, and generally being crazy.

Some of her hates right now are: eating proteins, diaper changes, baths in the kitchen sink, and getting her fingernails trimmed.

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