Friday, January 27, 2012

Bug and Me

1. Drinking chocolate milk 2. NUGGET ME  3. Baby boots, mama boots.

The Bug and I ran errands together tonight.  Rex was at work, so when I got off of work from the day care, Kylie and I headed to Wal-Mart.  Yep, we know how to live.  We had to get the truck's oil changed and pick up a few things.  Fun things at least.  Ky got two new books and a sketch pad to scribble on with her new crayons.  We also lived it up and ate at the McDonald's there since the Bug was HUNGRY and she needed her NUGGETS NOW.  Like stat.  Like need them this moment or her stomach was going to eat the rest of her body.  Seems lately the only way she will eat meat is nuggets or turkey hot dogs.  Geez kid, let's choose the most processed meat ever . 

Anywho.  We ate nuggets.  Drank chocolate milk.  Picked out our books.  Got peed on.  Well, I got peed on.  Turns out Kylie can leak through a diaper with just one mondo pee.  Stupid disposables.  Got faces clawed and hair pulled.  Once again, it just happened to me.  When I was trying to check out.  Shrieking like a banshee was involved as well, but that was Ky this time.  Very tempting though, seems like a good stress reliever. 

Got out to the truck in one piece.  Diaper was changed.  Drove home. Sang along the radio, Kylie too.  Got home.  Colored.  Played.  Ate the rest of the nuggets.  Got jammies on and teeth and hair brushed and put to bed.  And here I am, blogging and listening to Rob Zombie.  

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