Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Believe...

in raw apple cider.  It is so deliciously lovely.  I wish I could get it year around, instead of just in the fall.

in the power of a good book to make me forget all my worries for a while, and to put me into a better mood.

in pregnancy making me into a neat freak.  Nesting never left me for some reason, Kylie is three months old and I'm still trying to clean all the time.  Which is weird, because I was kinda a slob before.  Rex appreciates this though.

in chihuahuas and their great cuddling skills.  In the morning after Rex leaves for work, I go back to bed with my four little doggies snuggled around me.

And later I will post Kylie's Three Month Post!!!


  1. I'm SO with you on the clean freak thing. I STILL am a clean freak even after the nesting is over. It's so weird...

  2. I know!!! Weird, huh? My hubby says if he had known this would happen, we would have had a baby a long time ago! :)


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