Monday, November 8, 2010

My New Love

Is Etsy.  We just discovered each other about 2 months ago.  I can't believe it took me so long to find this site, I feel like I have finally seen the light!  Now I'm a woman possessed!  My hubby just rolled his eyes as he saw me type this.  Here are some of the items on my Christmas list, well, on Kylie's too, that way we get more!!!

This print from Marisol Spoon.  I love the whimsical feel of her art.  I'm going to definitely have to get several prints for Kylie's nursery!  And with prints starting at $18, they are very affordable.

These felt flower clips from Bloomz.  She has them in tons and tons of colors and will also do custom orders.

This camisole from sandmaidensleepwear.  She completely custimizes it for you, so you choose the color and she gets all your measurements as well to make it fit like a glove.  I love this red color, though.  Swoooooon.

The Holy Cow Collar by jenniebgoode.  It is so frigging adorable and one of my little girl chihuahuas would so want to rock this.  I love the pink buckle.  It is a must for my little mutts.

And Mandy from from Harper's Happenings just opened her vintage store Opal today!  Lots of cute stuff!  And super great prices as well.  Now I just need to get paid and it'll all be good.

Happy Monday!


  1. my mouth is agape over the fact that you just found etsy 2 months ago ;)

  2. I know! I've been living in the dark ages and didn't even know it!!!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog through's list. Congratulations. Cute blog!

  4. Thanks Andrea! I try to keep it as cute as I can :) I love your photos and your little girl is as cute as a button!

  5. I could browse baby stuff on Etsy all day. Cute cloth diapers and more! And OMG the artwork is amaze. I have a couple awesome elephant paintings favorited for when I'm rich and can put them in my son's room.


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